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Margaret Cash McDonagh in a state of denial:keepssaying "please get my kids back"

The article looks at Margaret Cash McDonagh husbands. How many times has Lisa and Andrew Cash mother’s  being married?

Who is Margaret Cash McDonagh? Lisa Cash mother.

She is a 40 year old woman at Rossfield Avenue, Tallaght and the mother of five.

She was not at home at the time, his elder son killed three of his siblings.

Margaret Twink Cash McDonagh rushed home after hearing of the commotion at home.

Margaret Cash sustained injuries and was treated and discharged.

She is currently at home, being attended by other family members.

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Lisa Cash and siblings to be buried together.

Meet Margaret Cash McDonagh six children.

Lisa Cash and her twins siblings funeral.Details emerged on their funeral

During the Vigil held in honour of Lisa and her siblings, Margaret Cash McDonagh was seen leaning on mourners.

She was soaked in tears in a black attire. It is heart breaking for a parent to lose three of her children in a day.

It is even more disheartening if the murder is done by somebody the victims call their brother.

Who are Margaret Cash McDonaugh husbands? Andy Cash and Bill Cawley.

Margaret Cash McDonagh who is the mother of Lisa Cash and the twins, who were killed by their brother in the Rossfield Avenue has been married twice.

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Margaret Cash McDonagh in a state of denial:keeps saying “please get my kids back”

Her first husband, who is the father of Andrew Cash and Lisa Cash died.

Margaret Cash McDonaugh shared the twins with Bill Cawley, the man she had after the death of her late husband.

It is not clear if she is married to Bill Cawley or not.

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