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who is liam payne in a relationship with

Liam Payne needs no introduction at all. The British singer is known in the all boy band named one direction. The article looks at his parents and his early life.

Meet Liam Payne.

Liam Payne parents

The singer has auditioned at UK based X factor twice and making it big at his second attempt where he worked along other contestant in a group.

His first album outside the X Factor group has been huge. Payne’s maiden album, the strip that down was ranked number three on the UK singles chart. It also ranked tenth on the US Billboard hot 100. The artist has been certified as Platinum in both the UK and the US.

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Liam Payne other album titled LP1 has sold over 18 million singles. The album which was released in 2019 achieved that feet in just two years.

Who are Liam Payne Parents: Karen Payne, Geoff Payne?

Liam James Payne was born to mother Karen Payne and father Geoff Payne.

His mother Karen is an infant nurse. His father Geoff Payne on the other hand is a fitter.

The pair gave birth to Liam three weeks earlier that he should have. This made Liam Payne go in and out of the hospital. Doctor who performed test on him noticed that the musician at the age of  less than four  years had scarred kidney and it had also been discovered to be dysfunctional. He is reported to have received as many as sixteen injections in the morning and evening in order to keep up with the pain.




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