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Ken Lee And Jewelz lee daughter

Ken Lee and Jewelz Lee, who are the parents of Victoria Lee. We will look at their daughter, prodigy MMA fighter.

Who was Victoria Lee?Ken Lee and Jewelz Lee daughter.

She was born as Victoria Sun-hei Lee. She was born on 17th March,2004. Victoria Lee was a an American mixed martial artist.

She was one person who had a three state origin. Victoria Lee was of a Chinese,Singaporean and Korean origin.

She competed in the Singaporean combat sports called ONE Championship.

Victoria Lee might have been influenced by her two sisters.

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Angela Lee and Christian Lee are both MMA fighters. He is said to be a one time champion in “Hawaiian Pankration Junior World Champion, Hawaii State Wrestling Champion’.

Miss Lee was also an IMMAF Junior World Champion. Victoria used to train with United MMA Gym which is in Hawaii.

This gym  is under the control of Bruno Pucci, who happened to be her brother in law.

What is the cause of death of  Victoria Lee?

The cause of death was not disclosed. Her death was disclosed by her elder sister Angela Lee.

She reportedly died on 26th December,2022.

Her Instagram post Instagram, read:

“She has gone too soon and our family has been completely devastated since then,” Angela Lee said. “We miss her. More than anything in this world. Our family will never be the same. Life will never be the same.

“We miss you so much sis. More than you could ever realize. We’re all broken. Because a piece of you was in each of us and when you left, those pieces were ripped out of us. We will never be the same.”

Who was Ken Lee and Jewelz?

They are the parents of  famous young American MMA fighter, Victoria Lee.

Ken Lee and Jewelz Lee are currently in grief. They are mourning the death of their daughter.

Ken Lee  is a Chinese and Singaporean man. He shared Victoria with his wife.

Victoria Lee mother is a Korean who was born in Canada.

Her name is Jewelz Lee.

Ken Lee and Jewelz Lee are proud parents of MMA fighters daughters.

Their other daughter is Angela Lee.

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