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Who are Kane Hull and Craig Porter?Killers of Ryan Kirkpatrick

Kane Hull and Craig Porter will be discussed in this article. We will look at them and how they planned the killing of Ryan.

Who was Ryan Kirkpatrick?

Who are Kane Hull and Craig Porter?Killers of Ryan Kirkpatrick
Image Credit: BBC

Ryan Kirkpatrick was a 24 year old man.

He was killed in 2021, when he was a attacked by a masked man.

His attacked happened on 18th September,2021 at Carlyle’s Court.

Ryan Kirkpatrick was  allegedly stabbed as many as three times.

Two of the stabs was on his chest while the last one was on his abdomen.

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Ryan Kirkpatrick is said to have a strong disagreement with his attackers.

The disagreement which has been described as “bad blood”. The bad blood happened when one of them chased Ryan into a betting shop in 2018.

This made him to be jailed for “affray” and possessing of an offensive weapon.

It is this bitterness of sending one of them to jail that had this two men bent on paying Ryan back.

Who are Kane Hull and Craig Porter?

They are the two men who have charged with the murder of Ryan.

Kane Hull is a 29 year old man, while Craig Porter is a 33 year old man.

The two men denied any involvement in the murder of Ryan.

It was revealed in the court that it was Kane Hull who who stabbed Ryan. He however removed the masked, he put on after stabbing him.

This made Ryan who died at the scene to recognize him. Craig Porter was an accomplice in the stabbing attack.

The two fled in a car after the attack and it was later found that the car has been burnt.

Who are Kane Hull and Craig Porter?Killers of Ryan Kirkpatrick
Image Credit:bbc

Craig Porter is said to come from Fulmar Place in the City team up with Hull for the murder.

Kane Hull and Craig Porter then went into hiding after the attack.

They did this with the help of friends and had to even change their names into fake names.

They also continue to used stolen cars which was used with fake registration plates.

The pair managed to escape to Ireland, but was arrested 10 days after the attack.

They were arrested at Carracastle  in the Mayo County in Ireland.

They team murderers refused to give evidence, but the jurors who found them guilty, had to work for hours, before arriving with a unanimous verdict.


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