Who are John Ventimiglia wife, children, including Odele Ventimiglia?

We will examine John Ventimiglia wife, children and that includes his daughter Odele Ventimiglia. We will look at the life of that family, including the death of their daughter.

Who is John Ventimiglia?

He is not a happy person at the moment. This follows the death of his 25 years old daughter, whose sad event occurred recently.

But who is John Ventimiglia?

He is an American  actor, who is famed for starring as Artie Bucco in the famous HBO series, The Sopranos.

Born in the Queens town of Ridgewood, John Ventimiglia also had a repeated role in the American popular police dram a series Blue Bloods.

Ventimiglia, who starred in the CBS police procedural series, took the role of NYPD Crime Control Burea chief, Dino Arbogast.

John Ventimiglia is a son of an Immigrants parents and had his early years in the New York town of Teaneck.

His high school education was at the Teaneck high school and the actor was football player at high school.

His other roles include his appearance in Made in Jersey, which was aired on CBS and did live up to its billing as a series.

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He was also part of the Operation Autumn, which is a Portuguese film.

Ventimiglia appeared in Elementary in which he starred as Harry Magarac. He also did some narration for Nat Geo.  It was television documentary which was a series about what is happening ” Inside the American Mob”.

Who is John Ventimiglia wife?

John Ventimiglia wife name is Belinda Cape. She is the mother John Ventimiglia late daughter, Odele.

John Ventimiglia wife is also the mother of Odele sister by name Lucinda Ventimiglia.

Belinda Cape, John Ventimiglia wife posted on Facebook about the death of her daughter.

Belinda Cape wrote that ,she and her family are “heartbroken” over  what she said was an unexpected loss to the family.

Her statement said:

“Heartbroken to have to post our darling Odele’s funeral notice. Her sister Lucinda and I have been overwhelmed by the messages of support and love we have received, and your remembrances of how cherished Odele was to so many”.

Who was Odele Ventimiglia?

 John Ventimiglia wife, children, including Odele Ventimiglia

She was a 25 year old lady. Odele Ventimiglia was the daughter of John Ventimiglia and his wife Belinda Cape.

She was a sister to Lucinda Ventimiglia.

Odele Ventimiglia had a child. Her child was a female and her name is not currently known to us.

Her mother wrote that “Odele was greatly loved, and leaves a huge hole in our lives.”

Odele Ventimiglia sister, Lucinda also wrote a tribute in her honor. She said: “Words will never be enough to express the grief we are all feeling. I loved my little sister a lot and I will spend the rest of my life searching for her in everything.“my family and i are so grateful for all the care and support we have been receiving during this impossible time,” she continued. “it has never been more clear how much she meant to so many people.”

What is Odele Ventimiglia cause of death? What  sickness killed John Ventimiglia daughter?

The cause of death of Odele Ventimiglia was not disclosed.
John Ventimiglia daughter, Lucinda added that:“my family and I are so grateful for all the care and support we have been receiving during this impossible time,” she continued. “it has never been more clear how much she meant to so many people.”
There have been a GoFund Me account which has been set up. The GoFundMe is to help raise money to cater for Odele Ventimiglia daughter, whose name is now given as Shiloh.
The goal of Odele Ventimiglia GoFund Me is to raise an amount of $50,000.00.
It has been oversubscribed and is said to be nearing $52,000.00 already.

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