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Jay Briscoe parents

Jay Briscoe parents will be the focus of this article. We will look at the man and woman who brought up, the famous American wrestler.

Who was Jay Briscoe?

He is famed wrestler, who was nominated for ROH Hall of Fame in March,2022.

Born as Jamin Pugh, he was an American wrestler, who was famed for his ring name “Jay Briscoe”. He stood at 6 feet and 1 inch tall.

The famous American wrestler weighed 231 lb and was billed from the Sandy Fork, Delaware.His trainers that saw the wrestler rising to a huge wrestler are Glen Osbourne and Jim Kettner.

He was born on 25th January,1984. Jay Briscoe was with the Ring of Honor.Jay Briscoe was one of the celebrated wrestler and is credited of being a half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions.

He did this along with his brother Mark Briscoe during their 13th reign.Jay Briscoe a two times ROH World Champion. He is also a ROH World Six-time -man tag team champions.

Who was Mark Briscoe?

He was born as Mark Pugh  on 18th January,1985. He is an American wrestler known for his ring name “Mark Briscoe”.

Mark Briscoe is a signee of Ring of Honor. He is the holder of the ROH World Tag team Championship along with his brother, Jay Briscoe.

They held it on 13 times and was the 3rd of the ROH World Six-man tag team champions.

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Mark is married to his wife Brittany Pugh. He is said to be a loving family man and husband.

Who are Jay Briscoe parents?

Jay Briscoe parents is a question that are seeking to know following his death. Jay Briscoe parents are proud parents as they are parents of two famous wrestlers.

Jay Briscoe father is rumored to be one Mike “Papa” Briscoe. Not much is known of their mother.


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