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Hobie Landrith 6 children

Hobie Landrith 6 children will be discussed in this post. We will look at their father,mother and their careers.

Who was Hobie Landrith?

He was born on 16th March,2023 as Hobart Neal Landrith. He was an American ex-baseball player.

The late 93 year old ex-baseball player used to play in the Major League Baseball.

He played as a catcher and this sterns from 1950 all the way to 1963.

Landrith played for teams such as Chicago Cubs, the Cincinnati Reds, New York Mets among others.

Hobie played as left-handed,but rather threw as right-handed.

Standing at 5 feet and 10 inches tall and a weight of 170 pounds, he was a delight to many teams, no wonder he played for many teams.

He backed up for Andy Seminick as well as for Smoky Burges during his days at the Cincinnati.

He equally backed for Hall Smith and Walker Cooper while he was at the Cardinals.

He had a career that went as far as 14 seasons. His statistics include a 233  batting average, 34 home runs, 203 runs batted in’s and 450 hits in as many as 772 games that he played in.

Who are Hobie Landrith 6 children?

Hobie shared as many as 6 children with his wife Peggy. Read more about his wife through this link.

Hobie Landrith 6 children are Gary Landrith, Carol Landrith, Randy Landrith, Beth Landrith, David Landrith and Linda Landrith.

His son Randy was born on  18th November, 1954, His father was away in Puerto Rico. He had to wait to Christmas day, before getting approval to go and see his new baby.

He had to sacrifice his career after this visit as he was released after playing just a match after his return.

His son David Landrith was born 14th October, 1961. This came just four days after his father was drafted into the New York Mets.

David Landrith is also a player and played 2 seasons in a minor league.

He played in that minor league between 1983 to 184 with the Kansas City Royals.

David Landrith was  the 309th draft for  Kansas City Royals.

Hobie Son, David Landrith was also  in the Arizona Wildcats baseball team. He later became a champion(National) by winning the 1980 College World Series.

David Landrith entered into coaching and coached the “Flowing Wells High School” baseball team.

He did this for twenty amazing years.


By Robert

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