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Who are Hervé Leclerc and Pascale? Charles Leclerc parents.

Hervé Leclerc and Pascale will be under discussion in this article. We will look at Charles Leclerc’s parents personal life and what they do for a living.

Who is Charles Leclerc?

He is a 24 year car racing driver with Ferrari.

He is currently with Ferrari in Formula One.

He made his Formula one debut in 2018 with Sauber.

He helped Sauber to their highest rank of eighth position. This follows their poor run in the season before which saw them placed last.

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Charles Leclerc joined Ferrari in 2019 and had a classic season with them.

He was the second youngest driver to make it to the pole position in Formula one.

This occurred in 2019 at the Bahrain Grand Prix. His successful 2019 season also saw the young driver saw win in Belgium.

His other wins in 2019 includes the Pole Trophy for having won the most pole positions in the year 2019.

He became the youngest player to have won the Pole Trophy.

Who are Hervé Leclerc and Pascale?

Charles Leclerc was born to  his father H. Leclerc and mother Pascale.

Hervé Leclerc father is Charles Manni who was the founder of Mecaplast.

Charles Leclerc father  was also a racing driver.

He was racing in Formula 3 back in the 1980s and 1990s.

He died at the age of 54 years. This follows a long illness.

His father died four days to Charles Leclerc feature race which saw him win the 2017 Formula 2 Baku Round.

Not much is known of Leclerc’s mother Pascale.

Hervé Leclerc and Pascale have both raised a son who is doing well in the sport of car racing.

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