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who are Harriet Hageman Parents?James Clay Hageman and Marion Hageman

We will meet Harriet Hageman parents in this article. Who is Harriet Hageman and what is her role in the Wyoming Congress will be discussed. Is Harriet Hageman being supported by Donald Trump is something we will equally touch on.

Who is Harriet Hageman?

Harriet Hageman is a United States politician and social media influencer and a front runner in the Wyoming Congress primaries.

Harriet the Republican  politician was born on 5 October 1962 in Fresno, California in the US.

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Her high school education is not known but that of her College education was at the University of Wyoming and she is Wyoming State drama and television program.
Harriet Hageman’s bachelor degree was in business Administration and she further pursued her Jurist Doctor degree from the same Wyoming University, at their College of Law.

Her career in law started out in the private sector throughout Wyoming  and she became a delegate  to the 2016 Republican National convention,where she served on the rules committee of the convention.

Harriet Hageman has got the backing of her critic -turn supporter  Donald Trump against Liz Cheney in the Wyoming congress elections.

Who are Harriet Hageman Parents?James Clay Hageman and Marion Hageman

Harriet Hageman was born to her father James Clay Hageman and mother Marion Hageman. Her father,James Clay Hageman   was born on 2nd March,1930 and sadly died in 2006.

Harriet Hageman’s father was an American Politician and businessman.

Jame Clay Hageman was also a rancher and also served as member of the Wyoming House of Representative from 1982 until his death on 23rd August,2006.

Jame Clay Hageman got married to Marion Hageman in 1956 and the pair shared six children.


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