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Greg Sanders and Cindy Sanders

The articles looks at Greg Sanders and Cindy Sanders, who are Tyler Sanders parents. We will examine the life of Tyler sanders, who died from fentanyl.

Who was Tyler Sanders? Greg Sanders and Cindy Sanders son.

Gerg Sanders and Cindy Sanders

Standing at 5 feet and 5 inches tall, Tyler Sanders was born on 25th February,2004.

He was born in Los Angeles in California in The USA.

He was an American actor who is famed for his role in  Jusst add Magic: Mystery City.

He played the role of Leo in that movie. Tyler Sanders  also starred in “9-1-1: Lone Star” and “Fear the Walking Dead.”

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His acting career started at a tender age of 10 and he is said to have studied improve and stand up comedy as well.

In 2017, Tyler Sander had an hour shot as pilot with Leah Remini.

He also appeared in ABC’s episodes of The Rookie .

What was the cause of Tyler Sanders death?

TMZ reports that they obtained a report from the Los Angeles county medical Examiner and the report say the teenager death was accidental.

They added that Tyler Sanders had a history of drug use and that police also found a plastic straw and white powder at the scene of his death.

In Tyler sanders autopsy report, the Medical examiner said Tyler reported told a friend through a text message that he was using Fentanyl.

The friend tried calling him after receiving the said text message, but the teen actor did not answer his calls.

Meet  Greg Sanders and Cindy Sanders.

They are the parents of Tyler Sanders. Tyler Sander is reported to be the youngest child of Greg Sanders and Cindy Sanders.

Tyler Sanders parents played a role in his career. Greg Sanders and Cindy Sanders supported their son in his career.

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