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Grant Wahl children

The article looks at Grant Wahl children. We see to find out if he and his wife had children.

Who was Grant Wahl?

Grant Wahl  death is spreading fast like wild fire.

This sterns from the way he died while doing what he loved in life,Sports.

His death also shocks many and many are suspicious as he was said to have received threats over his wearing of a rainbow flag T-shirt in the early days of the tournament.

Grant Wahl was an American sports journalist, who was born on 8th December,1974.

He was also  sports analyst with CBS Sports. Grant Wahl was also a popular writer for the American sports magazine: Sports Illustrated.

He was a multi task person as he also worked as a correspondent for Fox Sports.
In 2009, Grant Wahl came out with a book he titled “The Beckham Experiment”.

His writing s for Sports Illustrated centers on College basketball as well as soccer in the United States.

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He is a famous personality and is said to have contested for the presidency of FIFA back in 2011.

His candidature was short lived as he did not get the endorsement from the associations in the game.

GRant Wahl started his own newsletter which he called Substack. This was after he resigned from his role from Sports Illustrated.

How did Grant Wahl die?

He is said to have died in Qatar while covering the ongoing FIFA men’s world cup.

He is said to have fallen back on his seat. His fellow reporters called for assistance for their college after the saw that he was struggling.

Grant Wahl is said to have written that, he was taken ill and had to attend  a hospital.

His death occurred while he was covering the match between Argentina and the Netherlands at the Lusail Stadium.

However, Wahl family say, they think their brother was killed. His brother Eric say, Grant Wahl was killed.

His statement sterns from the fact that the journalist had receive threats after wearing a Rainbow t-shirt to a match venue.

He wore a rainbow flag shirt depicting same sex campaign to a match venue earlier in the tournament.

Who are Grant Wahl children?

Grant Wahl children are among the few things that people are asking for following his death.

Many wants to know if he had children. He got married to his wife, Celine Gounder in 2001.

Grant and his wife lived in New York city, before his death. There are no information about Grant Wahl children.

This is because Grant Wahl had no children. One closest thing to Grant Wahl children are his two dogs which lived with them.

With no children at the moment, the two dogs were like Grant Wahl children to him and his wife, Celine.


By Robert

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