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Gareth Richards children

Gareth Richards children will be discussed. The Comedian survived a serious accident on 27th March,2023, only for him to died through another crash on 7th April,2023.

We will look at the children the comedian left behind.

Who are Gareth Richards children?

Richards was a family man. The Comedian was married to his wife Laura Richard.

Laura and Gareth shared children together. Laura and her Gareth Richards children survived their husband and father respectively.

Gareth Richards kids were living with their parents at Bournemouth. Not much is known of Gareth Richards children. We don’t know the number of children that Richards shared with his wife.

The names of the children of the 41 year old is equally unknown.

How died Gareth Richard died tragically?

His wife shared news of his death on social media describing her grief as difficult to cope.

Richards initially survived the accident and was taken to the hospital. His wife said further scans revealed that he had serious injuries to his brain and he had to be taken out of life support.


By Robert

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