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Earl Boen children

The article answers the question:Who are Earl Boen children?  We will look at his marriage and determine if he had children.

Who are Earl Boen children?

Earl Boen has been known with several names. He had these names like: Eril Bowen, Earl Bowen and Earl Brown.

We don’t know why he had all these names. He retired from screen acting way back in 2003.

This was the year, that his wife died. We cannot confirm if his decision to retired from screen acting was due to his wife’s  death.

Earl Boen children has been a huge topic, since his death.

Many are asking if Earl Boen children exist.  There is no information about Earl Boen children.

Others say, he had a daughter by name Ruby. They say, he even had grand children by names Kimmy Abaricia and Kimo Harbin.

Who was Earl Boen?

He was an American actor. Earl Boen was born on 8th August,1941.

He is famed for his role as Dr. Peter Silberman in the  1984 movie The Terminator.

Earl Boen starred as criminal psychologist. He appeared in the main Terminator, Terminator 2 as well as Terminator 3.

Boen is the only actor, aside Arnold Schwarzenegger to have appeared in the first  three terminator movies.

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He had a career in voice-overs. He was the voice  for the character Mr. Bleakman in the movie Clifford the Big Red Dog.

He was equally a voice over as the narrator for World of Warcraft.

His acting career started in the middle of the 5os. He performed in stage with most of the repertory companies.

He did this between 1965 to 1976. Earl Boen did all this,before making his way into Hollywood.

Who was Carole Kean?

She was the wife of Earl Boen. Carole Kean got married to him in 1970.

Carole Kean stayed in her marriage till 2003. Carole  had a stable marriage with this celebrity figure.

Kean died in 2003. She died from cancer,specifically from Ovarian cancer.

She  died at the age of 58.

What is the cause of Carole Kean husband  death?

Unlike Carole , her husband died at 81.

Unfortunately, Boen died from cancer, the disease which killed his wife.

Earl Boen died from lung cancer on 5th January,2023.

He died in Hawaii.


By Robert

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