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The article looks at Bonnie, June and Aaron Pointer, who are three of Anita Pointer 5 siblings. We will also look at the other two siblings of the singer.

Who are Bonnie, June and Aaron Pointer?

They are  three of  her siblings. Two of them were part of the Pointer sisters.

Who is Bonnie Pointer?

Bonnie Pointer was born as Patricia EvaBonniePointer.

She is a younger sister of late famous singer, Anita Pointer. She is an American singer and is popular with her association with the Pointer sisters group.

She left the Pointer sisters back in 1977 and went on solo with many hits.

Bonnie Pointer went  with the Elgins, where she made a  disco cover of their “Heaven Must Have Sent You“.

She got married to Jeffrey Bowen, who is the producer of Motown records.

Who was June Pointer?

Bonnie, June and Aaron Pointers:Anita Pointer Siblings

She was born on 30th November,1953. She was an American singer, who became famous with her Pointer Sisters group.

She was the youngest of the three member ground of the Pointer sisters.

June Pointer was a founding member of the group.

She founded the Pointer sister group along with Bonnie. They started by singing at several clubs and were later joined by their elder sister Anita.

Elder sister Anita, who was a secretary had to leave her job and joined them.

It was when June Pointer sister  Anita,joined them that, they changed the name to the Pointer Sisters.

June Pointer was married to Williams Oliver Whitmore II.

They were married for thirteen years, that is from 1978 to 1991.

June Pointer had no children with her husband in those thirteen years of marriage.

She had that attitude of addiction to Cocaine. It became a big part of her life and she was finally taken out of the Pointer Sisters group.

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Her cocaine addiction got to a head when she was arrested in 2014 and charged for felony cocaine possession.

She died of cancer which was in her breast. She equally had cancer in the liver and colon.

June Pointer died at 52 at the UCLA medical center in Los Angeles  “in the arms of her sisters Ruth and Anita and her brothers Aaron and Fritz by her side”.

Who is Ruth Pointer?

Bonnie, June and Aaron Pointers:Anita Pointer Siblings

She is an American singer and song writer.

She was born on 19th March,1946. She was born as Ruth Esther Pointer. She became part of the Pointer Sisters when June Pointer addiction to cocaine had effects on her career.

She used to join the sisters especially during stage performances.

Ruth Pointer is one sibling whose arms her late sister June Pointer died in. She is the eldest of the Pointer sisters, a family vocal group.

She has been married five times with five children.

Her children include: Faun, Malik, who is a singer. Her other children are Issa Pointer.

Some of her husbands include Dennis Edwards, a member of the American group temptations.

Her other husbands include Don Boyette and Michael Sayles.

Ruth Pointer marriage with Michael Sayles gave birth to her twins of Conor and Ali.

Who is Aaron Pointer?

Aaron Pointer was born as Aaron Elton Pointer.

He was born on 19th April,1942. Aaron Pointer was a former baseball player. The former American baseball player used to play for the Houston Colt .45’s/Astros.

His playing time in the team was in 1963 and between 1966 and 1967.

Aaron Pointer played in the major league. He retired from baseball and became part of the National Football league(NFL).

He was not playing, but worked as an official at the NFL.

Aaron Pointer is popular because of his sisters. His sisters were the members of the famous Pointer sisters group.

Aaron had a son who plays as practice of the Indianapolis Colts.

Denon, whose is Aaron Pointer’s son was an All-PAC returner/wide receiver.

His record as a baseball player especially in 1961 include .402 batting average.  He is known as  the last player to have bat over .400 in a full season of professional baseball in the U.S.

He is the eldest of his five siblings.  Aaron, met his wife Leona at the University of San Francisco.

Who is Fritz Pointer?

He did not take the path of his siblings who are either celebrities in singing or pursued careers in sports.

Fritz Pointer is a college professor. He pursued his career further and ventured into writing.

He became an author. His siblings include Ruth Pointer, Anita Pointer, and Bonnie Pointer.

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