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Big Scarr 8 siblings

The article seeks to find out the identity of Big Scarr 8 siblings. We will also interrogate to see if their parents are alive or not.

Who was Big Scarr?

He was an American rapper who was born on 7th April,2000.

Big Scarr was born as Alexander Woods, but known famously by his stage name Big Scarr.

The rapper who died at 22 was Memphis, Tennessee  based celebrity.

Big Scarr was with the Gucci Mane’s 107 records. He shot to fame with his  track which he titled “SoIcyBoyz”.

The track featured other industry fellows like Pooh Shiesty, Tay Keith and Foogiano.

Big Scarr came out with his first mixtape which he title Big Grim Reaper back in 2021.

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The Mixtape of the 22 late rapper was a hit and went as high as number 25 on the famous Billboard200.

Big Scarr whose real name was Alexander Wood had his childhood days in South Memphis town of Magnolia.

His said to have stayed with his grandmother until the latter died. His grandmum died while the rapper was only 13.

The rapper had a bitter experience when he was 16. He had a bitter  accident which nearly took his life.

Big Scarr was said to have been thrown out of the vehicle through its window.

The rapper said his stage name is a reminder of that unforgettable accident.

What is the cause of Big Scarr cause of death?

TMZ is reporting that Big Scarr died from Prescription DRUG OVERDOSE. They say this information is  according to his family Members.

The TMZ report say it is one Arthur Wood, who is Big Scarr uncle who told them.

The late 22 rapper allegedly took the prescription drugs in his unnamed girl friend’s house.

Their statement say, Arthur Wood, say his nephew has been through a lot in life.

He catalogued some of them to include being shot at and his famous accident.

His shooting occurred in 2020. He was said to have been struck by a bullet and this bullet travel as far as to his spine.

He had to do surgery to remove his appendix.

The Rapper’s uncle further revealed that Big Scarr was also suffering from depression.

The cause of Big Scarr’s depression, his uncle say is from the death of his grandmother.

He said that Big Scarr was affected so much from the death of his grand mother whom he stayed with till, he was 13.

Who are Big Scarr 8 siblings?

There is no information about Big Scarr 8  siblings. There are even no information about his parents. The names of his parents are unknown.

He know that he has a cousin by name Pooh Shiesty.

His uncle is Arthur Wood. It is likely that Big Scarr father’s name will be something Wood and Big Scarr 8 siblings will also have wood in their names.

The name “Wood” seems to be their family name rather than his father or mother’s name.

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