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Ben Masters children

The article looks at Ben Masters children. Did Ben Masters had kids and was he even married?

We will answer this and more about the late actor.

Who was Ben Masters?

He was born on 6th May,1947 as Benjamin Masters.

The American actor became popular in the daytime drama.

The drama which was titled Passions  saw Ben Master starred in it as Julian Crane.

The drama series spanned from its beginning on 8th July,1999 to the final day for its last episode which was 7th August,2008.

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Ben Masters was born in the Oregon town of Corvallis and had his university education at the University of Oregon.

He majored in theater. He had to make a move to NEw York city. It was there that he had a role in an off-Broadway play.

The play was titled “the Boys in the Band”. Ben had another opportunity in another 0ff-Broadway, which lasted for 13 months.

Who are Ben Masters children?

The question of who are Ben Masters children have become rift following his death.

Ben Masters who appeared in “corporate raider Linc Bartlett in the television miniseries Noble House in 1988″ had no children.

There is no record of his marital life. Ben Masters children don’t exist, because he had none.

Ben Masters signed a contract to assumed the role of NBC’s passions. He portrayed the character of Julian Crane, who was a womanizing billionaire.

Ben Masters womanizing role in that series gave him his Soap Opera Digest Award nominations.

He was nominated for being an Outstanding supporting actor between 2001 to 2002.

He equal got nominations fore being Outstanding Lead Actor in 2005. Ben spoke about the role of Juliana Crane in passions.

He is quoted to have said: “I will miss getting to play this part so much. I had such a great time playing Julian Crane. I wanted to do it until I couldn’t do it anymore.”

What is the cause of Ben Masters death?

He died from Covid-19 complications.

The famous actor was even fighting dementia at the time.
He died on 11th January,2023.

He was 75. He was survived by a sister and two nieces in the person of  Hannah and Clea Lerner.

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