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Dame Angela Lansbury children involvement in drugs.

Anthony Peter and Deidre Ann will be discussed in this article. The two are the children of Dame Angela Lansbury who died at the age of 96.

Who was Dame Angela Lansbury?

Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury DBE  was an Irish -British and American actress.

She was also a singer  who has numerous roles in stage,film and television.

She was born on 16th October, 1925 and unfortunately passed away today, 11th October , 2022.

Lansbury has an eight decade career in the entertainment industry, a majority of it was spent in the US.

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She is best remembered as the last known surviving stars of the famous Golden Age of Hollywood cinema.

She was the daughter an Actress actress by name Movena Macgill as well a British politician  Lansbury Edgar.

Lansbury first ever film role was in 1944 in the film titled Gaslight  and The Picture of Dorian Gray in 1945.

These roles earned two Academy awards nominations and a well deserved Golden Globe Award.

Who are Anthony Peter and Deirdre Ann?

Anthony Peter and Deirdre Ann are the biological children of Dame Angela.

They were born in 1952 and 1953 respectively.

She shared these children with her second famous  actor husband   Peter Shaw, who also doubles as a producer.

She is said to have spent more time with in California in the US.

She is reported to have brought them to Episcopalian even though the children were not part of the congregation.

Lansbury spent time trying to raise them as Episcopalian ,but could not. Dame Angela is said to have stated “I believe that God is within all of us, that we are perfect, precious beings, and that we have to put our faith and trust in that.”

Anthony Peter and Deirdre Ann involment in drugs.

Lansbury children: Anthony and Deirdre reportedly got involved and started using drugs(recreational).

This was after they became part of a movement by name counterculture movement.

Anthony was said to have become addicted to toxin drugs heroin and cocaine while his brother Deidre got involved in the Manson gang group which was led by Charles Manson.

They were however recovered from with Anthony going into television directing where he reportedly  directed  the 68 episodes of Murder, her mother Wrote.

Deirdre got married  and even opened a restaurant in Los Angeles.

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