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When will Justine Avle be buried?

The heart breaking news of the passing of Justine Avle, wife of Citi FM journalist Bernard Avle broke today. There have been turns and twist regarding the information about her passing.

The article looks at the interment of Justine Avle.

Who is Justine Avle?

Justine Avle lived most of her life out of the media space where her husband dominates.

Not much is known of Justine Avle like her social media handles like twitter, Facebook among others. Unlike her husband, there is no information about her, except the L.E.A.D programme that she appeared with the rest of the family.

Bernard got married to Justine in 2011.  Bernard has on several occasion named Justine as the pillar in his life and his source of Inspiration.

According to sources, Justine Avle, the wife of the Ace Journalist died on the evening of August 3, 2022, after a relatively short struggle with illness.

The  death reportedly happened while the journalist was preparing to present his  favorite programme the point of view.

According to close source to the family we have received, Justine fell and was declared dead as soon as she  arrived at the hospital.

When will Justine Avle be buried?

It is a grieving period for 41 year old Bernard Avle. It is a tough time  for a young man of his age to lose his wife especially the sudden and unexpected manner in which Justine died. How will Bernard Avle handle four or five children with the busy schedule with which his work demands.

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This is because the real number of Justine children is not known. Many say their children are four, others argue they are five with the last one still breast feeding.

There is no information about when Justine will be buried.  There are still discussing at the family level as to when the young Justine will be buried. will update you with any developing story on Justine funeral.



By Robert

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