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What was in Kate Donohoe murder-suicide note?

Kate Donohoe murder-suicide note will be  discussed passionately in this article. We will seek to find the content of the note she left behind in their upper stairs bedroom.

Who was Kate Donohoe?

The discovery of Kate’s body came when her friend who could not reach her within 24 hours raised an alarm to Gardai., But who was she?

Kate is 44 year old woman.

She was a volunteer at Meath Dog Shelter.

Kate was said to be popular in the canine community. She was a groomer aside her dog re-homer voluntary work.

She died along with her eleven months old son.

The name of the Kate’s 11 months old son is Vincent.

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There  are reports that there was no one apart from Kate in the  Beechfield estate property.

Gardai have indicated that they are looking for no one else in Donohoe death.

The incident occurred on Saturday in a West Dublin.

What was in Kate Donohoe murder-suicide note?

A note was purportedly discovered at the property where Kate died along with her son Vincent.

The content of the note is still not out yet as Gardai are keeping it to their chest for now.

But, we could guess Kate Donohoe murder-suicide note and its content.

Gardai has also given glimpse of its content.

Kate was said to be the only one in the property and with no other to interact with, depression is one eminent cause of Kate’s death in what Garda called a personal tragedy.

There are no information of her partner and Kate was also not having a full employment.

She is said to be a volunteer with an animal rescuing firm. It is highly possible that she was suffering from a problem which she could not confide in anyone.

Gardai is also said to be investigating the death of Kate  and Vincent in what they say is an exposure to drug.

Gardai had indicated earlier that a postmortem examination that is to be done will be the driver of their investigations.

It is not clear this new theory of exposure to drug is as a result of the postmortem or new evidence gotten from some where else.

Tributes continue to pour for Kate Donohoe.

The death of Kate along with her son is still a shock to her friend s and community members.

Friends and community members of Kate met at the Chapel of Ease in Clonee. The community members met outside of the chapel yesterday in memory of the mother of one.

There was an appeal on social media inviting community members  to come for her memory. It reads: “Everyone is welcome to come along to light a candle and join the community of Clonee as we hold a minute’s silence.”

Those in attendance were encouraged to wear Kate’s favorite colour  which is yellow.

They urged all attendees to put on yellow attire which the favorite colour of the woman at the center of the Clonee personal tragedy.

There is a tribute from Little Lodgers Boutique Boarding Kennels and Doggy Daycare Services where Kate was a part of. They wrote:

“We’re very saddened to learn of the passing of Kate and her baby son Vincent. Kate worked tirelessly with many rescues throughout Ireland, saving abandoned, abused and neglected dogs. Kate had a special place in her heart for Sighthounds,” while Great Hounds in Need wrote: “Kate was very involved with the Sighthounds community, a kind and caring person who supported many rescues including ourselves all over Ireland. Deepest condolences and thoughts are with Kate’s family.”

Many are expectant of the investigations into Kate’s unfortunate death.

By Robert

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