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Waffler69 died from disease

 Famous TitTok Waffler69, known in private life as Taylor has died. We will tell you more about the disease which attacked his parents and grand parents, but  unfortunately killed him. We will also give you the link that will help you support his funeral through his GoFund me account.

Who was Waffler69?

He was an American “TitToker” who rose to fame  with his weird behavior of eating lots of fast foods and other food items.

Know in Private life as Taylor, he is reported to have had  what has been described as discomfort.

The 33 year old then called his mother to alert her and to ask for help.

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The situation was getting worst for him and they had to order an ambulance for him.

He later died from heart attack.

He reported to have as many as 1.7 million followers on TitTok. His contents generated as much as 32.8 million in likes.

It did not come on a silver plate as he is said to have been creating content for close to 16 years.

Waffler69 died from a disease which could not killed his father and grand mother.

Don’t be quick in judging that his death might have been related to his eating disorder/habbit.

The disease which killed him is one that is prevalent in the family. His father suffered it and his grandfather as well.

Waffler69 was survived by his unnamed mother and father.

Who is Clayton? Waffler69 sibling.

He was also survived by his sibling. It is Clayton who disclosed to TMZ, the cause of death of his brother.

He said, Waffler 69 was taken to a hospital from “his house in Louisiana”.

Waffler69 died from disease


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