[Video]:Women caught on CCTV stealing bottles of cooking oil and stuffing them in their undergarments

Two women have been caught on a CCTV of a Supermarket  stealing bottles of cooking oil and stuffing them in their undergarments.

The two are believed to be notorious shoplifters, but luck eluded them on this day as they were caught thanks to the  CCTV  of the supermarket .

The women entered the supermarket as any normal shopper, later started picked bottles of cooking oil which they stuffed in their undergarments which can be seen in the picture and the videos below.


Women caught on cam stealing bottles of cooking oil

They were caught when they were leaving the supermarket.

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In the video, the women walked boldly out of the supermarket as if there was nothing beneath their legs.

This attitude of the women is what is making many say they are not just women who want to find food for their hungry children, but notorious shop lifters.

There have been huge reaction on social media regarding the women.

Watch the video below


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