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A video has emerged depicting two sidechicks clashing over a married man at East Legon in Accra, Ghana.

Patrons of Doughman Foods in East Legon were given a mini-bout as two sidechicks to a married man engaged in a fight to see who is the rightful owner of the man.

The Two side chicks  clashed at the East Legon branch of Doughman Foods, others patrons were given a free entertainment as they watch with awe as the two engage each other.

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In the video which is attached to this article ,the  married man was at Doughman with one of the ladies.

Then, from no where the other side chick  surfaced and accosted them and started asking who the other lady was.

The hot exchanges which ensued between them  sought of drew the attention of other customers and people close by.

The married man out of shame, drove away quickly with the new sidechick in his Honda Saloon car.

The old sidechick tried giving them a chase, but could not match the speed of the vehicle. She momentarily gave up the chase, but i bet you she will surely find them as she has been secretly following his new found gold.

There have been huge reaction on Social media reactions regarding the video.

Many are attributing the situation to the economic challenges in the country and wonder how  two women will put shame away and fight for a man in broad daylight.

By Robert

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