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VIDEO: "boggers" cry out: pressure from families and Juju killing our dreams abroad

The dream of many is that they will one day get an opportunity to leave this country and seek greener pastures somewhere else.

We always dream of life outside of Ghana to be paradise, however this may not be entirely true and many will disagree with me strongly.

The article looks at some Ghanaian who were fortunate to leave the shores of our beloved country and they are telling us their stories of what they are going through out there.

One of such persons is a Ghanaian who is based in Hamburg in Germany. Mr Kwadwo Asamoah has detailed what is making life for most “boggers” difficult with some dying in the process.

He said one thing that is making them not achieve their dreams abroad is the incessant demands from family members back in Ghana. He said most family members think life out there is rosy and this accounts for their insatiably demands on them.

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He added that this deprives them of any opportunity to do anything meaningful for themselves. He further added that this pressure is making many “boggers” to die in their rooms, explaining that most Ghanaians think those living outside are rich and have money in excess.

Mr Kwadwo Asamoah who spoke to Ambassador TV said this wrong impressions held by Ghanaians makes many to quit their lucrative jobs in Ghana and travel to enjoy life.

“Life in other countries is different from the perception that majority of Ghanaians hold because the pressure we go through alone can kill you”

He added “There are some Ghanaians in Germany who don’t have even 1 euro and these people are dying because of hunger, stress and pressure”

“I have been in Germany for some years but Kwadwo I can tell you that I don’t have anything at home because the family is not supportive. When you travel and your family is not supportive it can affect all your dreams” he explained.

“It is very disheartening that some family members including friends, wives and others are sending our pictures to juju just to charm us. When you send them some money then they will use it to charm you”. He revealed.

Mr. Asamoah  who spoke his heart out said “it is gradually becoming a normal thing to hear that Ghanaians living in Germany and other countries die in their rooms. Sometimes when I hear such news I find it difficult to control my tears but there is nothing we can do about that situation”

“Majority of the people I know including myself have regretted the decision we took. We quit our jobs in Ghana just to travel to other countries to make money but the stress we are going through and the pains are unbearable”

But will we ever listen to this advice?

Many will do everything possible to travel and they will tell you that seeing is believing. They also ask that: if life is that bad out there, why are the “boggers” not returning to Ghana?



By Robert

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