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Victims of the Alabama Birthday party shootings

Victims of the Alabama birthday party shootings will be discussed. We will tell you about how over thirty people were shot on a day that was meant to bring joy to the life of Alexis Dowdell, the birthday girl in question.

Who are the Victims of the Alabama?

Victims of the Alabama Birthday party shootings

One of the victims of the unfortunate shooting is Phi Dowdell. He is brother to the birthday girl, Alexis.

He has been described by Michael Taylor who is an assistant coach at Dadeville high school that: “He was the No. 1 athlete in the school.’’

Victims of the Alabama Birthday party shootings

The other sad part is that Phi Dowdell was set to be a wide receiver at Jacksonville State University.

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Phi has also been described by Annette Allen, his grandmother that: “He was a very, very humble child. Never messed with anybody. Always had a smile on his face.”

A week to his death, Phi Dowdell had posted on his social media handle that:“everyday my life go up & up, it’s hard for me to get mad.”

Phi Dowdell has thrown not just his Dadeville community, but extension, Alabama into a state mourning.

He was on a scholarship to Jacksonville State University after his graduation.

There have a message from the University’s Jax Head Coach, Rich Rodriguez in which he said:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Philstavious Dowdel and the other victims of the senseless tragedy last night.” He added that:

“He was a great young man with a bright future, My staff and I are heartbroken and hope that everyone will support his family through this difficult time.”

Another victim is KeKe Nicole Smith.

Smith has been described as someone who was “so full of love.”

She was a former athlete and fellow of Dadeville high school.

Keke Nicole Smith was also the “manager of the school’s basketball and track and field teams and played on the school’s volleyball and softball teams until her junior year”.

He equally played at the junior year till when she suffered “an ACL tear”.

Victims of the Alabama Birthday party shootings

There are reports that Nearly 30 people were injured in the melee. Others who were injured included Dowdell’s mother according Dowdell’s grandmother sustained two gunshot wounds.

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