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Vernita lee. Who is she? Oprah wilfrey mother.

Vernita lee. Who is she? Oprah wilfrey mother will be our focus in this article.

Oprah Wilfrey needs no introduction. She is an American billionaire who is  a talk show host, television producer, actress, author, enterpreneur and the list goes on.

She was born on 29th January,1954 to Vernon Wilfrey and Vernita Lee. WE have looked at Vernon  Wilfrey extensively in this article.

Now, we are going to look at her mother who is Vernita Lee

Vernita lee. Who is she? Oprah wilfrey mother.

Vernita Lee was still a teenager and unmarried at the time she gave birth to famous billionaire Oprah Wilfrey.

Vernita Lee was born in 1935 and was a housemaid. Oprah traced her matrilineal roots to  among the Kpelle ethnic group which is in Today Liberia. It is now clear if Vernita came from that place or it is her grands that did.

Right after giving birth, vernita Lee travelled to the North of American and her famous daughter went with her.

Vernita Lee and her daughter suffered poverty as they sojourn with their mother and grand mother respectively. Oprah was made to stay with the grand mother at a point. The poverty at Vernita Lee mothers place was so intense that Poor Oprah had to wear clothes made from potatoes sacks.

Vernita Lee might have weaned little Oprah with her mother to pursue life somewhere else. It was Oprah poor grand mother who taught her how to read and brought her to church.

Lee came back for Oprah at age 6 where it has been reported that she was less supportive, but not abusive to Oprah as her mother.

It has been speculated that it was the hard work she was doing as a maid that made her give less time to her first child.

Vernita Lee gave birth to another daughter by name Patricia and this was becoming burdensome for her. She was forced to go to her first boy friend’s place. This boy friend is the father of Oprah.

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She final came back with Oprah, but to return her to her father around age 14.

Vernita Lee. Is Oprah mother alive?

Vernita Lee who is Oprah mother is not alive. She died in 2018






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