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University Waterloo scholarships for 2023/2024 are still open. Apply now.

Waterloo University began in 1957 with 74 students who were admitted to do engineering.  They sought to do  this with co-operative education at its center stage at the time. Today the University boast of over 42,000 students.

It is one of the famous Canadian Universities noted for what it said is “experiential learning and employer student connections”.

It has alumni in 151 countries and counting  and continue to spur innovation that seek to solve global problems.

University of Waterloo Scholarships 2023.

Waterloo University Scholarships for 2023 are currently open. They have courses from the Undergraduates level through to Masters and finally PHD degree for you.


Waterloo which is a public University in Canada also stands at 9th among the list of best Universities in Canada.
The University boast of over 180 graduates programs alone and students are always spoiled for choices when it comes to Waterloo scholarships.
The only thing is that you should be able to meet their requirements and you are good to go.
The good news is that all International students can apply for Waterloo scholarships.

What does Waterloo scholarships entail?

We will look at what is entailed in Waterloo scholarships that is important for you to apply for the 2023/2024 that is still opened.

Scholarships at Waterloo amounts up to $10,000 and the good part is that there are no registration fees.
This issue of registration fee has been a draw back for many applicants.
This always allows students from over 120 countries to get admitted to Waterloo yearly.
The University, one of the best in Canada boast of best staff that are not just available, but are willing to help promote  both students  personal and professional life while at Waterloo.
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What does one stand to benefit in Waterloo scholarships?

Their scholarships come in two forms. Those that are automatically given and those that require the applicants to apply for them.

Be as it may, you stand to gain the following benefits from Waterloo scho0larships.

Applicants stands to get an entrance scholarship up to $2000 as well a research award up to $1000.

There is also a merit scholarships worth$1000 and an international experience award which you stand to gain up to $1500.00.

International students have an entrance scholarship up to $10,000.00

Waterloo scholarships that require separate application

Applicants who are into engineering can apply for the Schulich Leader scholarships. They stand to get a scholarship amount up to $100,000.00

Those in Science and Mathematics stand to get scholarships up to $80,000.00

Their alumni and donors help in the entrance scholarships and one can get scholarship amount between  $1000.00 to $5000.00

What are the criteria for Waterloo Scholarships?

Like most scholarships, Waterloo Scholarships have requirements that their applicants have to meet.

Some of them include the following.

You are require to have a good knowledge of the English language and if you followed me up to this point, then you have nothing to worry about this requirement.

All nationals are invited to apply like I indicated earlier.

Applicants are required to have obtained a minimum of 70% in their Bachelor degrees. At the graduate level, students are required to have obtained a minimum of 75% at it.

You are required to be a full time student at any of their degree programs.

International students are supposed to have a valid study permit to be at Waterloo and you must also meet the requirement of the program you are applying for.

You don’t need to apply separately. Once you apply for admissions at the Waterloo, the administration will as part of the process consider you for any of the scholarships that you are qualify for.

You can visit them through this link to learn more and to get to know about the courses they offer.

By Robert

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