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Uneasy calm at Asesewa hosp. as staff demand removal of administrator

There is uneasy calm at Asesewa Government Hospital as staff demand the removal of the administrator over incompetence and alleged corruption.

Medics and paramedics at the hospital in a petition to management stated that “we have had enough of your displeasure in managing the affairs of staff with regards to work. We staff of Asesewa Government Hospital will look forward to immediate response and action when you receive this petition. As the saying goes, you cannot see a ship sinking and you will be polishing your shoe ”

The agitating staff alleged mismanagement, corruption, lack of logistics, and deteriorating condition at the facility.

For instance, they claim the hospital has been recording a rampant shortage of oxygen and chlorine which is affecting their work.

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They also said management has failed to change some outmoded equipment such as trolleys at the hospital.

“We also need trap door, beds for night staff to at least rest on. We also need patients’ beds with macintosh, we need methylated spirit. Two trolleys for our procedures such as dressing wounds and serving medication not enough. There are also not enough sphygmomanometers and stethoscopes. We don’t have a trolley for a sterilized procedure on the ward. No sterilized gloves for wound dressing.”

The staff also want recovery unit established and furnished with logistics.

For the concerned nurses and Midwives at the hospital, they are demanding a probe into the whereabouts of an old ambulance donated by KOICA, a pick-up vehicle, and scraps that have disappeared at the hospital.

They are also calling for accountability into donations by corporate organizations to the hospital.

The midwives at the hospital are also demanding renovation of the maternity unit to “fix roofing leakages, deplorable taps, tattered doors, provision of additional four monitors and cardiac tables.

“We need securities at every unit on post to ensure safety and order at work. We also want night supervisors for marking reports as done elsewhere. No creche for our nurses and Midwives who are now nursing mothers since they are prohibited from bringing their wards to work, so we want management to provide a creche.”

They complain that there is no one to care for their children at home yet they are prohibited.

The Radiology Department is also demanding on-duty allowance and additional staff to run the unit.

Meanwhile, the staff want management to explain the circumstances leading to the sudden exit of one of the few Doctors and Anesthetists -Dr. Rauf and Robbert Assifua.

They concluded in the petition that, “management is aware of this and no excuse will calm down our actions. No more improvising in this facility again. Henceforth, we want to tell management that we are not going to improvise for anything again.”.

The Administrator of the hospital, Joshua Owusu however denied the allegations.

By Robert

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