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Titus Beyuo trades medical globes for political ones by resigning from GMA

Titus Beyuo, the immediate General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association has traded his medical gloves for the political ones.

The former GMA Secretary, Dr Titus Beyuo, has resigned from his role to wear new gloves in the political field.

On Wednesday, February 22, the medical practitioner picked forms to contest the National Democratic Congress (NDC) primaries in the Lambussie-Karni Constituency in the Upper West Region.

He said the decision to come to this was taken after a prolonged period of introspection and extensive consultations with family, friends and critical stakeholders.

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“Arriving at this decision was an uphill task but the support and encouragement received from my family, traditional leaders in the Lambussie Traditional Council, party leadership at the National, Regional, Constituency and Branch Levels, and friends during the consultative process, made this less difficult,” he stated on Wednesday.

He has, therefore, promised to wrestle power from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and “and contribute to the developmental agenda of the next NDC government for the people of Ghana and Lambussie”.

“I am fully persuaded that the social democratic governance of the NDC holds the key to the alleviation of extreme poverty, provision of healthcare to all, restoration of the economy and above all ensuring fairness and equity in the distribution of the national cake.”

Dr Beyuo apologised to all those who may be disappointed with his decision to exit the GMA, especially at this time, but counted on their support in his new endeavour.

“It is my firm belief that the grace of God will abound to me as I make this switch from a professional and academic career into frontline politics. I need your prayers and continuous support.”

Will the Former GMA Secretary succeed?

This is the question on the minds of many. Real Politics goes beyond labour Union politics.

He has been a veteran when it comes to labour Union Politics, but can the same be said of him in his new task?

The Upper West Region has been the second World bank of the NDC until recently when the NPP  made gains in that region.

Dr. Titus Beyuo seems to have taken the steps of the police officer who resigned from his role and made it successful in the same region for the NDC.

Only time will tell if the medical Doctor will be able to withstand the rough journey called politics.

He first have to overcome the battle of the internal primaries and many will be watching him keenly.


By Robert

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