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Thomas Cashman and Paul Russell first day in Court

Thomas Cashman, the 34 year old man who has been accused of the murder of Olivia Pratt-Korbel had his first day in court today.

First pictures of the suspect emerged following his first court appearance.

Thomas Cashman and Paul Russell first day in Court

He is said to have walked onto the  dock at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court in” a pale blue t-shirt and light denim jeans”.

The only words he spoke was when he was asked to confirmed  his name, date of birth as well as his address.

He sat with his head bowed, ostentatiously to avoid camera shots.

Who was Sean Fox? The Belfast shooting victim

This was after his arrest and subsequent charges

The 34 year old has been  “accused of Olivia’s murder, the attempted murder of Cheryl Korbel and also Joseph Nee, and possessing two guns with intent to endanger life”

The suspect had two guns with him namely: a Glock handgun and a .38 calibre revolver.

Thomas Cashman appearance was followed by his closed pal, Paul Russell.

Russell who is 40 years is said to have driven Cashman to an address.

He equally disposed off his clothing after the shooting. This has made him “knowing or believing him” to be guilty of murder.

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