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The mayo Lucky man: Man who was trapped for 22 hours in sea cave rescued at last.


The article looks at the mayo  lucky man who spent 22 hours trapped in a sea cave. We will let you know how the man ended up in the cave and what kept him safe for these 22 hours.

Who was this Mayo Lucky man?

The man is said to be in his 40s.

The man spent his night over in  a cave off the Mayo coast.

He was trapped after a ‘freak wave’ swept him away into the sea cave.

He is said to have been “kayaking in the area and decided on low water to walk around the cliffs.”

It is  believed the man managed to shelter three metres high inside the cave.

This made him to remain out of danger from the rising water.

The unnamed man did this with a woman.

Rescuers have been reported to be checking on him every hour.

They were not able to reach him due to the high tide. Lucky came when the tide receded a bit and they were able to rescue him on Sunday afternoon.

There is a confirmation from garda on the incident.

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A Ballyglass RNLI Volunteer Lifeboot press officer by name Agatha Hurst said that there was a “huge sigh of relief” when news reached the local community that the man had been rescued.

“We are absolutely ecstatic,” she told Newstalk. “There was a huge big sigh of relief that passed through the crowd fairly quickly when the good news started to come through that he had been rescued.

“Everybody’s just so happy that he was brought to safety and all the different agencies that came together was just phenomenal.”

How was the woman with the Mayo Lucky man rescued?

The woman was reportedly swept away with the man when the pair were walking.

The freak wave is said to have pulled and trapped them into the water.

The woman was however rescued by  kayakers but conditions could not allow the man to be rescue.

Emergency services had to remain at the scene overnight in their attempt to rescuing the man.

Gardai, Coast Guard, garda subaqua unit as well as firefighters were at the scene.

Gardai has issued a statement and it reads : “Gardaí and emergency services can confirm that this man (aged in his 40s) trapped in the caves at Downpatrick Head, Co. Mayo has been located safely this afternoon Sunday 18th September, 2022.

“He was rescued by the Irish Cave Rescue Organisation, and assisted by the Achill Coast Guard Cliff Recuse Team, RNLI, Civil Defence, R118 and local members of An Garda Síochána and members of the Garda Water Unit Team. He has been removed to Sligo University Hospital for treatment and assessment.

“An Garda Síochána would like to express its thanks to the local community who assisted in the care and feeding of all the rescue personnel who attended the area over the past number of days. We would also continue to advise all persons who enter into caves or go hillwalking etc around the country to ensure they do so safely and have the correct equipment with them. Please always tell someone where you are going and keep in contact.”



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