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The Devenney family pays glorying tributes as they hold joint funeral for their father and sister.

The article looks at the joint funeral of Patrict Devenney and Margaret Sullivan.

We will let you know what the Devenney family said, concerning the tragic double  death that rocked them in less than a day.

The funeral for father and daughter from the Devenney family was held today.

The heart breaking event saw the family, friends and community members gather to pay their last respect to the two who died on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

The Devenney family who have been described as being “at the heart of their lives” braced the storm to read tribute in honour of their fallen family members.

Brendan Devenney who was sun-witched between his two sisters of Arlen and Maria read out a tribute to their father and a poem to their sibling Margaret.

In a tribute to his father, Brendan said: “The one word we heard growing up all our lives about dad – absolute legend.

“We bought bits up today to symbolize how much dad loved GAA. Naomh Colmcille was his life. He boasted he never got a red card in his life but a referee told us last night they were actually too scared to send him off.

Who is Brendaa Devenney and how is he taking his family double tragedy?

“He was so positive, we craved his company. He was so social and had loads of stories, we had the best craic.”

He further spoke about how their mother took care of him while he was sick and how doctors admire his mental strength while he was on his hospital birth.

“He was so positive. All the consultants, doctors were amazed at his mental strength right up to the very end.

“He created the most loving home for us, family was everything to dad. We’re so blessed to have so many memories to get us through this really tough time.

“One of last things he heard was ‘you’re a hero dad’. Mum gave him a kiss and said it’s ok to go and he took his final breath .”

On the part of their sister Margaret Sullivan, he said  “I closed my eyes and I thought about Margaret and if you close your eyes now, you’ll think of her smiling face that’s the only way you can remember Margaret.”
He read a poem which the sibling wrote and titled ‘To Margaret, My Beautiful Sister’.

Reports had it that, huge crowd thronged the All Saints Church in Newtowncunningham, Co Donegal on Saturday afternoon.

Parish Priest Father Philip Kemmy had this to say about the two.

“This afternoon, the sun is shining but a dark cloud of grief hangs over this community and over the Devenney family in particular.”

He spoke about how the Patrick Devenney and Margaret were relating with their neighbours.

“Patrick and Margaret were very sociable and loved people. They were well known and well loved by so many. So many of those people are here with us today.

“They are all here to show their support and show how much these two meant to them, and how much you mean to them”.

There others things done by the family in paying tributes to their love ones.

Patrick Devenney’s grand children brought out objects that represented what he stood for and did in most part of his life.

The children came out with Patrick’s football boots  and two flags.

The Devenney family pays glorying tributes as they hold joint funeral for their father and sister.

The explanation for the two items  that were brought out was explained by the Priest.

He said  “He loved his sport. He graced the playing fields of Donegal and beyond with great competitiveness. Whether GAA or soccer he was a hard man to beat and a born winner.

“The two flags of the two teams he followed and loved the most, Donegal and Naomh Colmcille. Wherever they were, he followed them.”

The items that were brought to celebrate Margaret Sullivan was “a make-up bag and a welcome sign”.

The Devenney family pays glorying tributes as they hold joint funeral for their father and sister.

Fr Kemmy further explained the rational behind the items: “Firstly her makeup bag. Symbolic of her love for fashion and looking her best. Lookin’ well as everyone knows.

“And a welcome sign is brought forward to present the open, friendly, hospitable character she was. We’ll never forget how warm and funny and loving Margaret was.”

There also a family photo and the picture symbolizes how family was important to the two individuals

“Family was the heart of their lives for these two, family was, and is, so important to them. The photo is of happier times and as Christians we hold out in faith that we’ll be reunited again.”.

By Robert

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