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The Accra Mall thieves: Here the couple that stole $1600 from the Forex bureau.

The Accra Mall thieves. Here are the couple that stunned the Forex Bureau attendant and made away with $1600.00 in some few minutes.

The two are currently on the run as the police are on the heels of the couple who fled the scene in a waiting car after the incident.

The alleged theft case occurred at the  Accra Mall on Monday afternoon.

The Accra Mall Thieves
The man is seen taking the money while the woman looks away

The fact of the case is that the “two suspects, according to the victim, entered the forex bureau under the pretext of changing some money but managed to steal some dollars from the counter of the bureau on the blind side of the attendant”.

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The attendant upon  realizing that the money had been stolen made an attempt to raise an alarm for the two to be arrested, but the two sat in a waiting vehicle and drove off.
The Accra Mall thieves in action

A polce statement said investigation are underway to get the suspected thieves arrested. Their statement read:

“We would like to urge the general public, especially operators of forex bureaux to be vigilant and where necessary report any suspicious activities to the police, as this could be a new approach adopted by criminals to steal from unsuspecting persons.”

The Police statement finally added that we “urged anyone with relevant information on the suspects to contact 0200416540 for further Police action”.

Let us all help to get these bad people out of our society. See something, say something.

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