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ten amazing invention of safo kantanka

It is said that Africa is a continent of great talent. One man who is an epitome of this talent is Safo Kwandjo Kantanka. He was born in the Ashanti region of Ghana with a technical background but without a college education. He went into making things that could make life simple for his people. Here are ten amazing inventions by Safo Kantanka, who is known as the Star of Africa.

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  1. In Africa, he invented the first electric car.

The man called the Star of Africa made what is called Africa’s first electric car. It is a five-seater car, which saves energy and releases zero greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It is made to function without fuel and has no internal combustion engine, which is a big step in our advancing efforts to reduce global warming and other respiratory diseases.

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How does this amazing invention function?

It is powered by 12 rechargeable batteries, each of which has a lifespan of over four years. As one drives the car on the road, it absorbs the energy from the sun and recharges the batteries. However, the car can also be recharged with electricity.

How is it different from other electric cars?

 It is quite different from other electric cars. It is built on a user-friendly technology, making it easy to recharge with electricity. It does not entail any complex set up for recharging. A simple plug in any electrical socket will get the car charged.

Another exceptional feature of the car is that all 12 batteries do not work at the same time. There is a power changeover for the batteries, making them last even longer. This allows drivers to drive for a long time without worrying about recharging.

The “Africa’s first electric car” has a fascinating feature is its security set up. It has an in-built kantanka CCTV which makes known what is happening on the road about 50 meters away and shows it on a mini monitor installed in the car.

Finally, just like other cars from the company, it warns pedestrians in the local language whenever it is reversing. This is to prevent pedestrians being knocked down.


  1. turns sea water into fuel to power engines.

Due to global warming and climate change, which has ravaged our world mostly from carbon dioxide emissions, especially in Africa, which has weak environmental control laws. Also, due to the activities of illegal mining which pollute most bodies of water, it is said Africa may import water in the near future for domestic and hydrothermal purposes.

The “star of Africa” came up with an environmentally friendly technology that turns sea water into fuel that powers engines. The technology uses a hydrogen generating cell (generator) that produces hydrogen gas from the sea, which burns to produce water and not carbon dioxide, thus conserving our environment from destruction.

The generator can also be used in homes, which will turn sea water into water that can be used for domestic purposes. This will go a long way to solving the thorny issue of water problems due to the effects of climate change, especially in the Sahel region of Africa.

  1. Clapping technology

Clappers (a sound-activated electrical switch) were discovered in the United States as far back as 1984. The invention of the kantanka is quite different in that, unlike the clappers, which were to activate electronic gadgets by clapping, they can inadvertently be triggered by other noises. However, the Kantanka television set can be put on and off exclusively by clapping.

If you clap twice, it automatically turns it off, if the television set is already on. It has a 10 band stereo graphic equalizer in the lower section of the television for tuning sound.

A single clap changes the television channel while unceasing clapping, depending on the sound pitch, increases or decreases the volume.

Switches for volume control, changing channels, and other options are still available on the TV set for the preference of the consumer.

The television sets come in different sizes, and it is funny but incredible that they are made of wood. Another similar one, which is also made of wood, can also be powered on by slightly caressing the sensitive edges of the television.

What is the science behind this technology?

The clue of a clap switch is that the electric microphone picks up the sound of your claps and the sound of that book knocked off the table. It creates a small electrical signal which is amplified by the subsequent transistor by the succeeding transistor stage. The two transistors cross connect as a bistable multivibrator, changing state at each signal. One of the drives of these transistors drives a heavier transistor which controls a lamp. This circuit can then switch on and off electrical gadgets with a clap. This is astonishing as the idea was conceived by a man with little education.

  1. Bullion van with bulletproof armor – bulletproof and armored

This is an exceptional armored vehicle fixed with a laser range finder capable of throwing bombs and missiles.

It has been powered with the ability to revolve 360 degrees, meaning it can fire the missiles in any direction. This unique vehicle also protects its occupant from external bullets, and the operator inside cannot be seen, but he sees his entire environment and beyond with the exclusively in-built kantanka CCTV. This technological genius also designed and built a CCTV system.

This vehicle is important for the military and can contribute to national defense.

He stated that it is his contribution to defending his country, which is surrounded by countries with a history of terrorist attacks.

  1. An inventor invented a car that prevents a drunk driver from driving.

In 2019, Kantanka came up with a car that prevents its driver, who is drunk, from driving. He said his intention is to help stop drunk driving, which results in accidents that kill many. During his usual annual exhibitions, several people who were drunk were made to start the car. Several attempts were made by these individuals to no avail, but the car was ignited effortlessly by someone who was not drunk. The idea could mark a pretty revolutionary change for vehicle safety and local policing on our roads.

  1. Invented a bass guitar with seven strings.

Though the idea of a seven-string guitar was conceived by Lenny Breau, the first person to build a seven-string guitar was not Luther Kirk Sand, as the literature has it, but Safo Kwadjo Kantanka of Ghana. You will ask if I am setting a new record with this claim, and the response is yes.

Kantanka built his seven-string guitar as far back as 1970. The six-string guitar, which was not mass produced at the time, helped solve the difficulty of adding an extra sting to the six-string guitar.

The science behind this revolutionary discovery was not disclosed.


  1. He invented an aeroplane car.

This is an amazing invention from Safo Kantanka. The car, which is 40 feet long, is fashioned and designed like an aeroplane but can’t fly owing to its lack of wings and so is driven on land and moves on wheels.

This car, which is built to operate like an aeroplane, opens like an aeroplane with stairs for the passengers to embark or disembark and has a female pilot with exceptional ladies acting as air or what we may now call “land hostesses”. The car, which was purposely built to carry the inventor, is fitted with driving mirrors like any other car but seating arrangements like an aircraft.

  1. A block making machine

The multipurpose block molding machine is capable of producing 16 to 18 blocks at a time. It comes with high performance and works at a great speed. The machine can be set to produce the desired size of blocks for different uses.

To further simplify work on the construction value chain and to eliminate the manpower that is associated with brick-laying. He also came up with a brick laying machine that is based on advanced technology.

Wondering how the machine works or is structured?

The design procedure considers the principle of integrative reconciliation and the internal structure of a rational order. The machine has great technical advantages, including excitation, hydraulic discharge, and omni-directional automatic movement. It is also efficient and has great speed, unlike manual labour, which is common in Africa.

  1. Developed organic fertilizer, pesticide, and weedicide.

The Kantanka brand developed an organic fertilizer, pesticide, and weedicide to expand crop yield and feed the country’s ever increasing population.

The fertilizer, which is biodiversity-friendly, has a fertility lifetime of six years, while the duo-purpose pesticide helps in pollination, aids livestock and drives off pests, and it is made from local plant formulation.

Interestingly, the weedicide also kills unwanted plants by halting photosynthesis within eleven hours of its application.

How helpful is this development? One may ask:

These developments came during the 2018/2019 farming season when his country witnessed one of its worst outbreaks of fall army worms, which ravaged major fields across the country. The man, who called himself a “pan-Africanist,” said it is his contribution to national development and the problems of his people are his major concern.

What is even more exciting is that, since they are made from local plant formulations, these pesticides and weedicides do not harm humans even if they drink them. This comes in handy as the level of illiteracy in the country has made many go blind or even die whenever they spray the imported pesticides and weedicides on their eyes or drink them out of mistake.

  1. Kantanka automated water closet

The Kantanka inventions encompass every aspect of life. The last one we will look at is the Kantanka automated water closet.

It is made with functionalities which include telling the user not to worry about flushing as it has been taken care of. It goes further to inform users that the tap and the hand dryer are all automated, so when you are done, you should simply walk away as the work will be taken care of. It then goes on to flush the content in it.

The benefits of this amazing user interface are astonishing. This will help to reduce cross infections, especially this COVID-19 season, especially in a continent where these automation’s are not common.

By Robert

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