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Talensi police suspects

Four suspects in a police cell have broken jail in the Upper East region in a dramatic fashion.

Talensi police suspectsThe suspects who had been put in police cells for defilement and other crimes outwitted the police officers on duty. The suspects who removed a block in the bathroom of their cell used it to escape. To outwit the police officer from hearing them when they were removing the block, they started singing praise and worship songs. The noise from the songs sort of covered the noise from them removing the blocks. The officers on duty were alarmed by the sudden stoppage of the songs and went to check. To their utter shock, the suspects had bolted.

talensi suspects

The suspects from the Talensi police cell are Fawas Musah, a juvenile remand prisoner; Francis Dabang, who is a suspect in a defilement case; and Kwojo Dinaya, a suspected thief and another suspect.

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The incident happened in the Talensi district of the Upper East region. This information is according to a situational report from the police administration and sighted by The officers who were on duty were Sergeant Lariba Abilba, Constable Kichekpa Ju Napoleon Banu and Constable Ntiamoah Elizabeth.

It is not clear if the suspects have been singing praise and worship songs on a regular basis or if this was their first time. If this was their first offense, then it should have prompted the police to check on them.

The police service, however, is on the hunt for them.

By Robert

2 thoughts on “How 4 suspects escape jail in Upper East while singing praises and worship songs”
  1. How can you recruit party boys and girls without any zeal to work for mother Ghana into the service and think that they will have the expertise to police anybody. By now they all bribed their way into the police service and are collecting bribes as officers

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