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Students beat up Texas principal for trying to break up fight

Westfield High students beat up principal for trying to break up fight.

Two students were said to have been engaged in a serious brawl with their colleagues cheering them on.

The students who are ninth graders got into the fight in their hallway.Instead of separating them, the students were seen urging them on while others filmed it.

Others were also seen jumping for joy over what seem like a free UFC night.

Watch the video through this link.

The Vice Principal was seen in a Pink blazer running to the spot of the brawl.

The students did not take kindly to what seem like an intrusion to the brawl.

The Post quotes one student as having said:

“Bitch! Bitch!” one person can be heard hollering as the woman is pushed to the floor, swarmed by a mob of students. “Everybody kick the ho!”

The other students who were enjoying the fight rather bounced on this innocent Principal throwing punches and swarming in even closer to according to the nypost.

Visuals shared on social media showed the Vice Principal pinned to the ground and the students kicking her like a rag.

The school’s board confirm the incident  indicating that “a staff member who was attempting to intervene and stop the altercation was injured.”

A teacher who spoke to KPRC 2 News said :“It broke my heart. It makes me want to cry,”

“Three or four other kids jump in on her and just pummel her to the ground, and they are kicking her and pulling her hair.”

The Assistant Principal who has not been identified is said to been unable to speak.

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She is said to to need a CT scan as she suffered huge pain in her head.

Students beat up Texas principal for trying to break up fight
Principal being pinned to the ground by students

This Assistant Principal is said to be someone who “loves those kids” and many of her colleagues are shocked over the students behavior.

Her colleagues spoke highly of her saying: “She is the nicest person. She’s the best administrator that we have at Westfield High School.”

However, A representative for the  “Spring Independent School District”  said she “was never the intended target of the altercation.”

Students beat up Texas principal for trying to break up fight:Westfield High School in Houston, Texas.

The rep added that: “The staff member was injured as a result of trying to de-escalate the situation,”  adding that she was “transported to a nearby hospital for treatment” and was later discharged.

He added that:

“We are currently conducting a full investigation of all students involved, some of whom already have been identified for disciplinary action.”

“It is possible that additional students may be identified for disciplinary consequences.”

The punishment for these attacks  according to the  Texas’ Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program could include lead to expulsion .

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