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Serial killer and Rapist: Richard Ramirez siblings and wife

Richard Ramirez siblings, parents, wife and other information about him will be discussed in this article.

Who is Richard Ramirez?

Richard Ramirez was born as Ricardo Richard Levva Munoz Ramirez on 29th , 1960. He was born in El Paso, Texas to a Mexican father who was an alcoholic and frequently assaulted his family and children due to his fits of anger.

His father’s name is Julia Ramirez and his mother’s is Mercedes. Richard Ramirez began using marijuana and alcohol at a tender age of ten and was influenced by his cousin Miguel Ramirez, a veteran of the Green belt combat who was a also serial killer and rapist during his time in the US army when he fought in the popular Vietnam war.

Richard Ramirez was taught military skills by Miguel his cousin and even witnessed Miguel shooting his wife with a gun. Miguel also showed Richard how he raped, killed and mutilated the bodies of Vietnam war and this seems to fascinate Richard the More.

Richard began using LSD at the age of 14 and even went into satanism and occult practice. This is after he used to spy on women with Miguel through their window. Richard was  later dismissed from a hotel where he took up an appointment.  This happened after he used a passkey to rob patrons and even tried raping a  women who was a guest in the hotel.

Richard Ramirez “Randi-operadi”.

Richard has been described as a serial killer, serial-rapist, kidnapper, child molester and burglar. But, how did he achieve all these?

He used several weapons and different killer methods to get what he wanted. He used handguns, knives of different sizes,tire iron and even claw hammer. He was famous for attacking by punching, pistol-whipping and strangling many of his unfortunate victims.

He was also noted for even enjoying degrading and humiliating  his victims who fortunately survive his attacks. He would forced them to profess that the loved satan or tell them swear by satan that they have no precious things left in their homes.He was probably taught most of these by Miguel and learnt some on his own.

Richard Ramirez siblings.

Ramirez who  was convicted of thirteen counts of murder, five attempted murders, eleven sexual assaults ,fourteen burglaries was the youngest of five children. He once stayed  with one sister of his by the name Ruth.

His other siblings are: Robert Ramirez, Joseph Ramirez and Ruben Ramirez.

Richard Ramirez wives

Ramirez  noted for inhumane and cruel nature he operated still had fans who were writing him letters. This was even after he was incarcerated.

One of such persons is Doreen Lioy who wrote him 75 letters and even paid him visits. The Wicked killer and satanist Ramirez proposed to Lioy and the got married in October, 1996 in San Quentin State  Prison. Lioy love for Richard was great as she said she would kill herself if Ramirez was executed.Lioy marriage with Ramirez ended after she discovered that he raped and killed 9 year old Mei Leung.

Ramirez was engaged to an unnamed 23- year old writer before his death in 2013.


By Robert

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