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See what Evil rapist Simon McGinley was doing in prison. Why is he hiding after his release?

Simon McGinley, the evil rapist will be our focus in this article. We will look at what he spent most of his time doing in prison. We will also tell you why  he has been hiding almost a week after his release.

Simon McGinley

The 42 year old has been a free man over a week now.

There are reports that Gardai and prison officers were on high alert after  he walked free from prison.

He served 13 out of his 21 year sentence. This follows his raping of an 85 year old in 2008.

There were fears that he could be attacked after people known to him were attacked.

A source  reportedly told the Irish Sunday Mirror that: “A female known to McGinley was attacked in the last few weeks. There is serious concern that he could be next.

“There is a real threat that he could be taken out. There’s an ongoing feud and it appears to have gotten worse.

Who is Simon McGinley the Evil sex beast? Ireland’s most notorious rapists

“It all kicked off because of his sickening crimes and people who are outraged by them.”

He was jailed 12 years after he pleaded guilty to rapping a 13 year old in 1997.

Why has Simon McGinley been hiding after his release?

It is not clear why the former evil rapist has been hiding.

He wanted to go back to his hometown of Dundalk. This was to probably allow him to “stay with a family member until he finds a permanent place to live”.

Simon McGinley was given two weeks to report to Gardai about where he will be staying or be re-arrested for breaching the conditions of his release.

The source  further revealed: “He wanted to go back to Dundalk, but was told he wasn’t allowed. There’s a high probability that he will go and stay with a member of his family.

“Despite being a free man, gardai are still going to keep an eye on his movements.

“He will have to inform them of where he is staying. The last thing they would want is a man with his history to go missing.

“Despite serving his sentence, McGinley’s crimes were very serious and show what he is capable of.”

The man who has been christened the evil rapist is having his name on the sex offenders list. He will be under a post -release supervision for as many as 12 years.
The source within prison  said the evil rapist spent  several hours every day making old style replica gypsy caravans.
He is reported to have even boasted that  he could sell them for  much as €100 apiece.

By Robert

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