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See the children Tyler Kelly left behind

The article looks at the children Tyler Kelly left behind. We will examined who they are and their names. We will conclude by finding out if their mother is around.

Who was Tyler Kelly?

He  was a 21 year old man. Tyler Kelly was from St. Mary park in Limerick  and that was where he used to live.

He profile on social media says he work with horses.

His mother’s name is Julie Kelly  and he also has a sister by name Kelsey Keane.

He was father of two children.

Tyler Kelly died on Friday night in a road traffic  collision at Parteen, south east Clare.

He was traveling in a silver BMW jeep  and it collided with VW Golf.

Tyler Kelly died on the spot of the accident.

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Tyler Kelly was traveling with an unnamed male teenager who survived the accident and is in critical condition.

The 30 year old female driver of the VW Golf car was treated for shock with no injuries.

A front wall of a house is reported to have also be damaged as a result of the accident.

See the children Tyler Kelly left behind.

He left behind two kids: a boy and a girl.  The girl celebrated her fourth birthday on 3rd July.

The boy is a younger sibling of the the 4 year old girl.

It is not clear if their mother is with them or not.

Tyler Kelly relationship status says he is single and most of his pictures on social media are without a woman supposed to be the children’s mother.


By Robert

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