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Sextortionists sent South Carolina Rep. Brandon Guffey sick message

A South Carolina lawmaker is fighting off a cause which led his son to commit suicide. This follows a message he got from a Sextortionists.

The sextortionist sent a message to the law maker telling him how he drove his son to commit suicide.

The law Maker one Brandson Guffey said he got the message his son would have turned 18.

The sick message also came in less than a month after the his son died.

Who was Brandson Guffey son who died through suicide and how did it happened?

Sextortionists sent South Carolina Rep. Brandon Guffey sick message :Gavin Guffey
Gavin Guffey, the victim

The name of Brandson Guffey son who died from suicide is Davin Guffey.

Gavin was found dead in their family home which is in Rock Hill.

Young Gavin received a pictures from a girl and also sent his to her. However, it came out that the nude pictures went to sextortionist and they were actually they one who were chatting with the 17 year old.

They then threatened him to give them money or they will leak the photos to all those who know him.

He pleaded with them and gave out $25, which was all the money he ever had.

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The fear of having his nudes sent out forced Gavin Guffey to commit suicide.

What message was sent to Brandson Guffey?

The sextortionist sent him a message demanding more money.

The message said “Did I tell you your son begged for his life,’ with a laughing face emoji”.

Guffey  who spoke to CNN said his experience made him introduce the “Gavin’s Law”.

He said the death of his son came at a time he was running for his re-election and he wanted to quit the race  and pursue his killers.

Sextortionists sent South Carolina Rep. Brandon Guffey sick message

However his wife encouraged him to pursue his political dream and fight to save the lives of many other young men and women from sextortionist.

What is the Gavin Law?

It is a law which “threatens scammers who extort a minor or an at-risk adult with up to five years in prison for a first offense”.

It was passed by senators on Thirsday and it is expected to become a law soon.

Sextortion on the rise

The issue is on rise with scammers using disappearing messages to assure most young people that their messages with them is secured.

The law maker added, unknown to these minors, those messages are being recorded by another device and they used these nudes sent by these young men and women to extort money from them.

Brandson Guffey said:“What they don’t realize is, someone has another device recording that device.”

He added that:

“If you can extort 10 teenage boys that aren’t gonna say anything for $100 each, and do all that with one image that you got from a girl, it’s fairly simple.

“And teenage boys, whenever they see they’re getting that attention (from a girl), they’re not necessarily thinking.”

Many are said to have died from it after they feel that they cannot stand the shame of having their nudes leaked..

Sextortionists sent South Carolina Rep. Brandon Guffey sick message

The FBI report say at least 7,000 of such cases were reported. These cases involved at least 3,000 victims.

The report added that more than a dozen of them died by suicide.

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