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Sean Fox killers spent only 21 seconds at the scene

It is unbelievable, but Sean Fox killers spent only 21 seconds at the scene of his murder.

The two men have been caught on a CCTV footage entry and fleeing the scene.

Sean Fox killers spent only 21 seconds at the scene

The pictures which can be seen below show the two in hoodies, caps and face coverings, in order to conceal their identities.

The police released the footage to the public to help them trace the where about of the two.

Sean Fox was killed at Donegal Celtic Social Club in West Belfast in a “ruthless execution”.

The killers are said to have stood over Sean at one point, before shooting him which made him collapse to the ground.

Det Supt Eamonn Corrigan spoke about how his killing was  “calculated, planned, ruthless execution”  and was done within the  21 seconds they were inside the premises.

The Killers also fired 20 bullets within this short period of time and according to Det.Supt Eamonn Corrigan, anyone in that room “could have been killed or seriously injured”.

He added that “He was shot multiple times by both gunmen. At one point, both gunmen stood over Sean, shooting him, as he collapsed to the floor. This was a calculated, planned, ruthless execution. It was carried out in broad daylight and in the presence of others.

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“The gunmen arrived, carried out the murder and left the club in under a minute. They were inside the premises for approximately 21 seconds.

“They left on foot, along the Suffolk Road, in the direction of Gweedore Gardens. This is a popular local club widely used by local families with young children.

“The gunmen fired 20 bullets and we have identified multiple strike marks. Anyone in that room or indeed nearby, could have been killed or seriously injured on Sunday.

“This cold-blooded act has taken a man’s life. It has left a family bereft, and many others in the local community shocked. This barbaric act has no place in any society.”

Police are making frantic efforts to arrest the killers of Sean.

They underwent “searches in the Lenadoon area of West Belfast”. This was done on Monday at the place which is  just a few metres from the social club.

Sean Fox killers spent only 21 seconds at the scene
Images Credit: The Irish Mirror

This is because the killers left the scene on foot.



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