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SAdly: Titanic sub passengers died instantly in ‘catastrophic implosion’, bodies will be difficulty to retrieve.

It has been determined that the debris found by a remotely operated vehicle looking for the lost OceanGate submersible at the Titanic‘s ruins was really from the missing vessel.

The five significant pieces of debris were discovered 1,600 feet from the wreckage, the  US Coast Guard personnel has disclosed. The material was found was “consistent with the catastrophic loss of the pressure chamber”.

According to the Coast Guard authorities, the Titan exploded beneath the pressure of the Atlantic, killing all five occupants.

SAdly: Titanic sub passengers died instantly in ‘catastrophic implosion’, bodies will be difficulty to retrieve.

Who are the five passengers onboard the Titantic that has now been declared dead?

Shockingly, Hamish Harding‘s family has revealed on Facebook that he was one of the five people aboard the missing submarine. Harding, a British businessman who previously paid for a space flight onboard the Blue Origin rocket last year, posted a photo of himself signing a banner for OceanGate’s most recent expedition to the shipwreck.

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Also,the Titanic specialist Paul-Henri Nargeolet, the famous French diver Shanzada Dawood, and his son Sulaiman, 19, were also on board. They were on board along with OceanGate’s founder and CEO


US Coast Guard expressed their sympathies and how difficult it will be to retrieve the bodies?

“We extend our deepest condolences to the crew’s family members,” Admiral of the Coast Guard John said on Thursday.

SAdly: Titanic sub passengers died instantly in ‘catastrophic implosion’, bodies will be difficulty to retrieve.

Officials have indicated that it may not be simple or practicable to recover the victims’ bodies, and Mauger said it was still too early to determine when the vessel imploded.

“This is an incredibly unforgiving environment down there on the seafloor.”

It has been revealed that,the nose cone and both the front and back ends of the pressure hull were among the recognized ship parts that were found.

Officials announced that a thorough investigation at the site of the disaster would resume in an effort to determine what caused the submersible’s demise.

The frequent “banging noises” detected by sonars on Tuesday and Wednesday, according to Mauger, did not appear to be related to the wreck site.

OceanGate, the private business that oversaw the tragic expedition, said:

“This is an extremely sad time for our dedicated employees who are exhausted and grieving deeply over this loss. The entire OceanGate family is deeply grateful for the countless men and women from multiple organizations of the international community who expedited wide-ranging resources and have worked so very hard on this mission.

“We appreciate their commitment to finding these five explorers, and their days and nights of tireless work in support of our crew and their families.

“This is a very sad time for the entire explorer community, and for each of the family members of those lost at sea. We respectfully ask that the privacy of these families be respected during this most painful time.”

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