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Ryan Tubridy paid visit to the scene where Lisa Cash and siblings were killed.

The article looks at the Irish broadcaster Ryan Tubridy. He paid a visit to the scene of the Tallaght killings.

Ryan Tubrids who presents The The Ryan Tubridy Show and The Late Late Show visited the scene of the tragic incident.

He made a personal visit in his bid to pay his respect to Lisa Cash and her two siblings.

Ryan,46 who spoke to the Irish mirror described how upset he has been on the undeserved death of the kids.

He added that the manner in which Lisa Cash, Chelsea and Christy Cawley died is what compelled him to pay a personal visit to the scene.

“This is a story that got under the skin of the nation, and it was really very upsetting personally.

“I spoke about this on radio last week and I got very upset.”

The famous  broadcaster  paid his respects in front of the large floral tribute which is heaped outside of the children’s home in  Rossfield Avenue, Tallaght, South Co Dublin.

Ryan Tubrity was joined by  Kevin Shortall, a principal of a local secondary.

He added that he had earlier visited Lisa Cash former school which was St.Aidan’s Community College.

“[Last week on radio] Kevin came on and spoke to me and we both got upset as two dads just talking about this desperate loss.

Who is the man whose body found in Dublin city house?

“Today out of the blue I just said I need to go and visit the beautiful children of this school St Aidan’s.

“I’ve just been there for the last couple of hours. I felt very moved by it,” he said.

Ryan Tubridy paid visit to the scene where Lisa Cash and siblings were killed.

Tubridy visit’s to the school was his way of support to the students who were left traumatized  following the horrific loss.

Kevin short, the principal said:

“Ryan rang me this morning and just said ‘any chance I could come up?’ and I just said ‘yeah why not?’

“I didn’t even tell anyone. It was just the perfect thing. People responded to it, they smiled, they got pictures with him and they forgot about things for a few minutes.

“It was lovely and everybody was so courteous and patient but that’s this community,” he said.

He  did no respond to the judge request for him to confirm his name.
He had earlier appeared in a special sitting after the murder in which he answered no comment to the charges that were read to him.

By Robert

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