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Ryan Giggs' ex 'sent sex videos, deleted "blackmail" email and lost phone police wanted'

Ryan Giggs’ former partner Kate Greville lost one mobile phone in a river and had another device stolen when police were requesting access to messages, the jury was told on day three of the former Manchester United star’s assault trial.

Under cross-examination from Chris Daw QC, on behalf of Giggs, the 36-year-old PR executive admitted to deleting a number of messages before handing them over to officers.

Giggs is accused of assaulting Greville and her younger sister, Emma Greville, on November 1, 2020, with a further charge relating to controlling and coercive behaviour towards Kate Greville between 2017 and November 2020.

He denies all charges.

The court heard this afternoon that police had asked Greville for access to her iCloud account. She initially agreed but then refused, citing concerns that private information about her work would be accessed.

Ryan Giggs' ex 'sent sex videos, deleted "blackmail" email and lost phone police wanted'

She had been told that only messages relevant to her relationship with Giggs would be used as evidence. “I didn’t want him damaging my career,” an audibly upset Greville, who has been giving evidence behind a screen, told the court. “I was scared.

She said that “she was very distraught about” her phone ending up in a river as she tried to run in after her dog while another was stolen.

Daw said that Greville allowed police access to a “limited amount of information” from her phone and when asked if she had deleted anything “that might have been relevant” before handing over access, the public relations executive said she deleted a number of messages related to a former work colleague.

The court watched a short video that was attached to an email sent by Giggs to Greville with “blackmail” as the subject. Greville had previously said she deleted the message without looking at the attachment because she believed the video was of a sexual nature.

Instead it showed a video of Greville and a number of colleagues dancing to a Christmas song at a work party. Daw asked: “You knew full well it wasn’t a sexual video, didn’t you?” Greville replied: “How?” Daw says: “Because you watched it.”

Ryan Giggs' ex 'sent sex videos, deleted "blackmail" email and lost phone police wanted'

Daw then said that Greville had sent Giggs several videos of a sexual nature six weeks after the “blackmail” email. Giggs, his defence barrister said, had deleted intimate videos when the couple had briefly broken up – before reading a series of messages in which the former footballer asked Greville if she still had them and, when she replied yes, to send them to him.

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After Daw read the messages, he asked Greville: “Why not say, ‘No, I deleted them?’”

She replied “because we were back in a relationship” and when asked by Daw if it “didn’t cross your mind that an issue of you being blackmailed over sex videos might reoccur?” she said that “I thought he’d changed.”

Earlier Giggs’ lawyer had accused Greville of telling “a complete pack of lies” about the cause of bruising from an alleged assault committed by the former Manchester United star, with the defence claiming that it was the result of “rough sex.”

Yesterday Greville told the court that she was “dragged naked” out of the Dubai room in 2017 and into the corridor following an argument after she became suspicious of Giggs messaging another woman.

But Daw today claimed that Giggs was messaging his daughter and asked Greville about bruising she received in the alleged assault. Referring to documented historic messages provided to the jury, Daw said that Greville showed her business partner Elsa Roodt the bruising and in a later message said that it was a result of “rough sex.”

Asked why she did not mention an assault to Roodt, Greville replied: “Because I was embarrassed and I didn’t want to admit it.”

Daw said: “That’s a complete lie isn’t it, it was a bruise caused by rough sex, the kind of which you both enjoyed a lot.”

The witness later sent a message to Giggs saying “My sex bruise is coming out nice too.”

The defending barrister then referred to a photograph sent by Greville of herself in front of a mirror to Giggs days after the alleged assault.

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“Can we see any sign of bruising?” Daw asked. Greville replied: “No but that’s not a clear photograph.”

Daw said: “The idea of it being a sex bruise as a ruse is ridiculous. The truth is you did from time to time get bruises from sex.” Greville said she could not recall.

The trial continues on Thursday.

Source: The Mirror.

By Robert

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