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Reggie Jackson cheating conversions

We will look at Reggie Jackson cheating. We will tell you about his wife whom he cheated on leading to their divorce.

Who is Reggie Jackson?

He was born on 18th May,1946 as Reginald Martinez Jackson.

He is a former American baseball player. Jackson played as a right fielder at the Major League baseball (MLB)where he played for 21 seasons.

He played  several clubs during his days at the MLB. Some of the clubs that Reggie Jackson played for include KAnsa City, New York Yankees,California Angels, among others.

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In 1993, Jackson was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of fame.

Nicknamed the “Mr. October”, he was popular for his clutch hitting during postseasons during his days at the Athletics and the Yankees.

Jackson won five consecutive American League West division titles with the Oakland’s.

He also helped win their amazing three American Pennants as well as their three straight world series titles.

All these occurred between 1972 through to 1974. His contributions at the New York Yankess was huge.

He helped them win four American League East division pennants and back to back World series titles.

His record which can only described as incredible include 563 home runs as well an American League all star.

Jackson also had two silver slugger awards, 2 world Series most valuable player awards, the AL most valuable player and the babe Ruth award.

Reggie Jackson serial cheating conversions.

The retired baseball star opened up to Howard Stern about his former life.

He said he has regrets about what was his infidelity life. The 76 year old sat with Howard Stern on the new documentary which features him.:

In response to the question of if it is hard to open his heart to a woman, he said:

“It wasn’t hard for me to open my heart, but it was hard for me to be loyal.” Jackson further added. “As a man, I cheated a lot.”

He continue: “I won’t blame it on any excuse,” adding that: “I just cheated. I saw a pretty girl and I tried to sleep with her.”

He said the fame which he swam in brought a lot of girls into his life.

The 76 year old continue:“I won’t blame it on that either. I won’t blame it on that. I had access and I took advantage of it, and I missed a couple of wonderful ladies in my life, and it was my fault.”

Who is Jennie Campos? Reggie Jackson ex-wife

Jackson met her during his freshman year at the Arizona State. She is an Mexican- American. They went out for a date and discovered that they were pairing in many ways including their abilities to speak Spanish.

Though notable personalities like an assistant coach tried to separate them because of their skin colour difference, they could not.

Jennie Campos was raised by a single parent just like Jackson as her father was killed in the Korean war.

Jennie Campos and Jackson relationship even blossom despite those oppositions culminating into marriage.

Their marriage finally came to an end through a divorced back in 1973. This time, it was someone trying to influence them.

It can now be concluded that that divorce can be traced to Jackson infidelity.

Is Reggie Jackson in another relationship?

The answer to this question is a big yes. He revealed to Howard Stern that he is in a relationship with a woman he has known for over 30 years.

He is hoping of marrying his new partner in the near future. He described his new partner as follows saying:“She’s a tremendous friend, I love the life and spending time with her.”

Reggie Jackson cheating conversions

Who is Kimberly Jackson?

She is the only daughter of Jackson. She was born in 1980s after his divorce with Jennie Campos.

He had kind words for Kimberly Jackson indicating that: “I have a wonderful daughter,” he said. “I wasn’t married when I had her, but what an unbelievable experience, and she’s given me two grandchildren — two boys, and one of the kids, the poor son of a gun, he looks just like me.”

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