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President Akufo Addo claim of protecting the public purse is a hoax-Martin Kpebu

President Akufo Addo’s claim of protecting the public purse is a hoax. This statement is according to private legal practitioner, Martin Kpebu.

Having apologized to the president a few weeks ago in a simpler statement, Martin Kpebu is at it again.

The private legal practitioner made this statement in an interview with Paa Kwesi Asare on News 360 TV3.

He said there were a number of things the president failed to do in taking action that made him think of him as such.

Mr. Kpebu, who was speaking on the Labianca company brouhaha, said he expected the president to not take action on the council of state member. He said the president’s attitude towards an allegation in the Northern Development Authority scandal is what made the scales in his eyes about who Akufo really is to  fall away.

Mr. Kpebu said Dr Sulemana Anamzoya, the former Chief executive officer of the authority had accused his successor of allegedly perpetrating financial malfeasance in his (Anamzoya’s) name with respect to a contract awarded to A&Q’s Consortium. He said Dr. Amanzoya wrote to the president about it, but the president did not take action.

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Mr. Kpebu added he also petitioned the Officer of the Special prosecutor about the same scandal at the authority and according to him, up to date, nothing has been done.

He said it has been 5 months, or over 150 days, and the president seems not to care about it.

Martin Kpebu added that Manasseh Azure Awuni did an investigation about the spraying of schools ahead of their re-opening by Zoom Lion. He said the spraying was sanctioned by the President and it was not backed by science.

He added that aside the fact that, the contract was unnecessary, given that there was already a contract in place. The various assemblies had the capacity to do the spraying at that point. The only thing the assemblies needed at the time was the chemicals.

That not withstanding, the president granted permission for ZoomLion to do the contract which he said cost the tax payer so much.

When asked by the Journalist that he was not being cynical with the President?

The legal practitioner said he was speaking his mind based on the precedent  set by the president of not being interested in pursuing cases of corruption reported to him. He asked the journalist if  5 months was not so much a time for the President to have done something about the scandal at the Northern development authority?

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