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Phoenix PD release footage of shooting rampage that killed 2 people

The article looks at the Phoenix shooting rampage that killed 2. We will let you in as to what actually happened and give you the video that revealed it all.

Police have released a video which shown the gunman who killed  and also wounded 5.

The Phoenix Police Department posted a YouTube video on Friday  depicting a surveillance footage capturing the Aug. 29 shooting.

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The video showed Isaiah Williams leaving the motel room in what appears as a tactical gear while holding his semi-automatic rifle.

Another camera also showed him at the parking lot of the motel firing at cars, shooting a car that just pulled in.

The video also showed how three people also fled from the car to by near gas station.

Police later confirmed that a man and a woman died from the the car were greeted with fire as it pulled into the motel.

Isaiah Williams, the suspect in the case also threw a Molotov cocktail through the window of a restaurant. This he did with the intention of it igniting, but fortunately, it did not.

The suspect then turned his attention on police officers. He shots hit the officers with one being hit at the shoulder and the other at several places.

He was later found at the parking lot with a gunshot wound to his head, believed to be a self inflicted one.

The motive of the attack has not been revealed.

Watch the Phoenix shooting video below.

By Robert

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