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Peter Ayinbisa

The NPP regional election has ended in the Upper East region. Some are celebrating, while others are still counting their losses. You can look at the results based on the angle that you are standing at. We will analyze one outcome that have a great impact on one constituency in the region.

Peter Ayinbisa

Peter Ayinbisa’s loss as regional organizer has fractured NPP’s chances in Bongo for 2024.

Aside the regional chairmanship position, for which many were eager to know the outcome, the organizer slot was one to die for.

This follows the “U-shaped” step taken by one of the contestants. Many were highly surprised to see Peter Ayinbisa of Bongo vying for that position.

As a former constituency chairman who has been elevated to the high position of a District Chief Executive, no one expected Peter Ayinbisa to have stooped so low.

The least he could have done was to contest for the regional chairmanship position and not be an organizer.

However, in various media engagements, the Bongo former DCE has refuted claims that it was a demotion.

Well, taking it as we did, he jumped into the pond, which was meant for small boys, and he was beaten to pulp.

Could it be that it was an afterthought for the man regarded as a senior politician to have taken that step? Or was it this factionalism in every political party that pushed him into this mud?

Bongo District Hospital Mortuary: the people of Bongo deserve better than this.

Many believe Peter wants to run for MP again and was looking for an opportunity to raise funds for the 2024 campaign.

His loss has seriously fractured the party going forward into 2024. How can he convince the people of Bongo that he is the right person when he can’t even win a small organizer slot?

Peter’s emergence into the parliamentary slot in Bongo brought momentum to the race and gave Edward Bawa a run for his money. He made the NDC realize that the Bongo seat is no longer a walkover.

He was able to increase NPP votes in the parliamentary election from 17.68% in 2016 to more than double (37.34% in 2020). On the presidential side, NPP votes increased from 27.12% in 2016 to 28.05% in 2020.

These were incredible results for a “first timer,” especially in Bongo, where they usually vote NDC.

Many had tipped Peter Ayinbisa to topple Edward Bawa in 2024, but this may not happen following his abysmal performance during his party’s internal elections.

This is my take and it may differ from yours. Let me hear from you on this hot topic.

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