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Patrick Asiedu: Man behind police cocaine "plant" is not a doctor

Patrick Asiedu, the man behind police cocaine “plant” is not a doctor. Yes,It turns out that Patrick Asiedu is not a doctor as alleged.

He is an Uber driver.

He is the  suspect  behind the viral audio alleging that the police stopped and planted “wee” and cocaine in his vehicle.

He has now been accused of fabricating the narration he recorded and shared on social media.

Preliminary police investigation has established that he is not a medical doctor as he claimed in the audio but an Uber driver.

He is currently in police custody.

The police in a press statement Wednesday night said it has been confirmed that he is indeed called Patrick Asiedu but the narrative he recorded and shared on social media in an audio did not happen.


1. The Police, today, 18th January 2023 have arrested a man suspected to be the person in the audio tape describing an alleged elaborate incident of criminal behaviour on the part of the Police.

2. In the audio tape that has been widely circulated, the man who introduced himself as Dr Patrick Asiedu claimed that he had been stopped by some Police officers who planted substances suspected to be narcotics in his car and attempted to extort money from him.

3. Police investigations, so far, have established that the man who has been arrested and is in police custody, is indeed called Patrick Asiedu, he is an Uber driver and not a Doctor.

4. The investigations show that the entire story narrated in the audio tape is false and a total fabrication by the suspect.
The supposed military intervention and the alleged fight between the Police officers and the Military described in such dramatic detail in the audio tape are all false and a figment of the suspect’s imagination.

6. Equally false are the vivid descriptions of having been taken to the Accra Central and East Legon Police Stations as well as the Narcotics Control Commission. The claims of fingerprints being taken are also untrue.

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7. Patrick Asiedu, the suspect, however, alleged that he had once witnessed a similar incident to what he described in the audio tape, happen to one of his passengers.

8. Meanwhile, in another audio tape that has come to the attention of the Police, the suspect alleges to have met with the Inspector-General of Police. We wish to categorically state that this claim is also false and should be disregarded.

9. Investigations are still ongoing and suspect Patrick Asiedu who is currently in
Police custody will be brought to face justice.


Man behind police cocaine swap is not a doctor

Man behind police cocaine swap is not a doctor

By Robert

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