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One dead as 1000 homes affected in the Komenda flood [video]

There are new reports every minute over the devastation in the Komenda town in the central region of Ghana.

The current report is not just the destruction to property alone, but a precious life have been unfortunately taken.

This  fellow is a prison officer with the Ankaful prison which was overtaken by water. He was declared missing and has been found to have been washed away.

JoyNews  correspondent in the Central region say over 1000 houses have been flattened as more reports are coming out from the various communities.

The rain, which started on Saturday afternoon, lasted several hours causing severe flooding in the Komenda-Edina Ebirem Municipality.

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Although some households have survived the floods, the situation is getting worse in other areas.

Kwadwo Nyarko  of Joy news is also reporting  that officials of NADMO have been at the scene to ascertain the impact of the floods as well as what help to offer victims.

Watch the video below to see destruction that is heart breaking.


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