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Nurse commits suicide

A nurse who could not stand the threats of his girlfriend leaving him has committed suicide.

The nurse in question is said to be  a Senior Registered Nurse at the “Kpasera CHPS Compound in the Mpaha Health Zone of the Central Gonja District of the Savannah Region’.

The nurse whose name was given as Atinga Aniyiri David.

Sources in the community where the alleged suicide allegedly took place said the pair had a misunderstanding.

This made the unnamed girlfriend of this young nurse to  threat to leave him.

Atinga Aniyiri, who could not stand the threat, he received from his girlfriend decided to say goodbye to this world.

Mr Atinga did this unthinkable act by hanging himself on a tree behind the facility, where he used to work.

It was residents of the area who spotted the lifeless body of the nurse, who alerted the police over the incident.

He was tied to a tree with a rope to his neck.

Japo Mohammed, who is the assembly for the area also confirmed the incident said, he had to also report the incident  the police for his body to be taken down.

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The late Atinga Aniyiri David used to work at the Mpaha Heakth Center, before being transferred  to  the Kpasera CHPS Compound two years ago.

The in charge of the facility, along with one other nurse, whom, late Atinga used to work with, were not at the facility at the time of the incident.

The body of the late nurse was taken to the Damongo Government Hospital for autopsy and preservation.

By Robert

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